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Prep for open heart surgery on the YZ 250 complete. Thanks customsteelfurniture who has agreed to be assistant surgeon in this operation. motocross supercross yamaha yz250 wrenching spanners Airtools sidchrome

I got this I've been really critical of myself lately and some of it for good reason but others it's just me being my biggest critic Well I started to try and put things into perspective and honestly with all I have goin on I'm plugging away just fine medicatedmechanic prop215 dirtyknuckles bustedknuckles wrenchanddab slabs 420community 805hasfire fueledbythc dabs 710powered mmj kush 805cannibuscommunity stayhigh keepyoumoving hightimes gearhead pothead thc cbd productivestoners ismokeweed oil gas wrenching 710society 420

A sneak peek of new oxydcreations bike mechanics aprons, available very soon trimmed in recycled bike tubes and built tough to last through the seasons of wrenching ahead. More to come soon, stay tuned! biketube cyclepunk bike handmade upcycled upcycle madetolast madeinmontreal rubber bikemechanic bicycletube ecofriendly cyclist giftsforcyclists vegan bikeapron mechanic wrenching reducereuserecycle etsyseller etsyhunter etsy etsyshop

Let’s hope she’s fixed🙏🏼 mkv gti vw wrenching mechanic

This little CDI squid is what died on mebut I have a new one already in its place and we are back in business 😎 peugeottsm mopedsmoproblems wrenching