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िद Bauji yqdidi hindi नया रंग लगा है चढ़ने, नया साज लगा है मिलने, जब आधार जिद हो, मजबुत हो सपने, दौलत ये क्या जाने, शौहरत ये क्या जाने, अंधकार में भी, परिंदे लगे है उड़ने, नया रंग लगा है चढ़ने, नया साज लगा है मिलने, Follow my writings on yourquote quote stories qotd quoteoftheday wordporn quotestagram wordswag wordsofwisdom inspirationalquotes writeaway thoughts poetry instawriters writersofinstagram writersofig writersofindia igwriters igwritersclub

Repost inkedheart_poetry We rise because no matter what, we still can. We rise because there can still be hope after hurt, and that is what to hold on to. Despite the storm, despite the darkness, the sun still rises, and eventually so must we • So good to be back posting, I’ve missed you all for a few days. Amazing art by claudia_ch93 writingcommunity spilledink writersofinstagram poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity prose poets poetryisnotdead typewriterpoetry instapoem relationships igpoets wordporn heartbreak quote wordswithqueens wordswithkings rmdrake wordsmith depression herheartpoetry bymepoetry lovequotes writing love mentalhealth qotd poetry poem selflove

Written by _madsoul_ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ poet poetry poem poetsofinstagram poetsofig words wordporn quote quotes quotestags quotestagram love lovequotes losangeles angeleno losangelespoet poetssociety inkslinger

For you. Wherever you are. Wherever you're going. Whatever you're doing. Whoever you're with. This, for you, my darling. latenightscribbles spilledink lovepoems poetry lovequotes midnightmadness whereveryouare potd writing ن deepthoughts bookworm reading ink thisisforyou mydarling wordporn ncc thinkingofyou

No matter where you are at, just know you are still climbing. Your legs get the most tired, right before you reach the top. 🙌🏻 Never give up, EVER! 💨 💨 💨 girlswhosmoke girlswhodab perseverance motivation inspiration Reaction patience words quotes staystrong keepGoin climb cannabiscommunity success wordporn empowerment GanjaBabe universe thirdeye meditation MMJ cannabisculture

Faith 152/365

~ Healer Man~ Here's my quiet kind of strength, All the women dance after you. But I'm standing here alone, Around the big heart you drew. They told me you wait for chases And run before they do. I’m holding on to borrowed needs, Threw flowers at the plane you flew. There’s a halo ‘round your head, You built walls around you too. I have love notes from the times we met And you admire the soft moon. I’m not waiting for you no more, None to gain or lose, In the charm of a healer man, Just keeping living strong and true.

It begins like this