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HOOPTOBER 2017: DAY 2 White Noise 2: The Light Dir. Patrick Lussier DoP. Brian Pearson So I have a soft spot for the first White Noise purely because of Michael Keaton. The guy can honestly do no wrong, even when the film is dull, he's reliably solid. White Noise 2: The Light is the more ambitious sequel which stars Nathan Fillion as a suicide-survivor grappling with his new ability to sense people who are about to die. Granted it's better than the first purely for switching tracks and delivering a relatively fresh concept. It's just a shame that it essentially ditches the first film's approach within 20 minutes and follows Fillion's desperate attempts to unravel the truth behind his new powers of precognition. It basically feels like someone had an idea for a cool religious thriller and got it crow-barred into a franchise entry. Technology and TV static are almost of no interest to this film. Instead The Light takes inspiration from popular occult films like The Omen and The Exorcist (exposition comes from a Doctor Karras, a nod to Jason Miller's character). Director Patrick Lussier (Dracula 2000) submerges the film in the seedy world of millennial religious horrors like End of Days and Stigmata by way of Unbreakable. The film goes from static haunting to demonic possession in no time at all which actually results in a fairly intense if ludicrous turn of events. It's a fun enough ride but it's aged badly in 10 years. whitenoise2 whitenoisethelight nathanfillion kateesackhoff ghosts horrormovie curse precognition thriller possessed hooptober 31daysofhalloween

Day 2 of aaronwatcheshorrormoviesOctober2016. The movie: White Noise 2: The Light from 2007 starring Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackhoff and Craig Fairbrass. "Following the loss of his family, a man attempts suicide only to discover upon waking that he can identify people who are about to die" (taken from IMDB directly). Although not a typical sequel as it has nothing to do with the first one (not that the original was incredibly good and warranted a sequel of any kind). It was pretty flat thoughout until the hour mark and then it picked up but only slightly. Not sure why everyone would place this in the horror genre as it is not creepy or scary in any kind. 4.0/10 from me. I've seen better. whitenoise2 whitenoisethelight 2007 ilovehorrormovies notreallyscaryorcreepythough nathanfillion kateesackhoff craigfairbrass iveseenbetter

After a busy few days being a domesticgoddess it's time to relax. Tonight's film whitenoisethelight cherryliqueurchocolates and a very cheeky gallosummerrose wine! dvdcollection moviegeek filmfan cheesymovie maybe? nathanfillion ❤📺🍹 X