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She/he sent this 10 days After the auctions ended. Yes AUCTIONS that she bid on. I opened a non payment case 3 days after. The kicker is the two items she won were only .99¢ each and I combined shipping for a grand total of $5.+ change. really?! I sent at least 3 reminders and an invoice and she completely ignored all of them and then I get this last night🙄 EBAYRESELLER THRIFTER flippingfinds thepoundstore powerseller iloveyardsales yardsalefinds coachhandbag garagesalefinds thrifting vintage pounds vintagetraincase traincase vhsmovies stephenking it christine designoptions bins thebins goodwill goodwillbythepound

What a classic 📼 so quotable 🖤

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Got around to watching 'The Arrogant' recently and it really was one strange and kinda intriguing road movie. It's so obscure that I think even Cannon Films forgot they released it. thearrogant garygraham sylviakristel cannon cannonfilms vhs vhsmovie vhsmovies retro video videotape vhstape vhstapes movie movies 80s 80smovies