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First time watch and taking the new koozie for a test drive happybirthdaytome titties modelo vhslife

Never heard of this. Looks like fun time motelhell vhs horrorvhs vhslife vhshorror vhscollector vhstape vhstapes

Yay! Fixed it and it works fine. It had 6 screws. I don't think I've ever had one of those. One of them was totally stuck. I got it out but stripped it in the process. Anywho, it plays great and I love the cover art. vhsrepair vhs vhscoverart theclownmurders johncandy octobermovies halloween 1976 movies vhscollector vhscollection feedyourvcr vhslife interglobalhomevideo

my rarest tape so far

Did a fun Bootleg trade with slackerstarchild thanks again for the tapes it's going to to get really melty tonight streettrash microwavemassacre vhs vhslife vhscovers horror gore goretober feedyourvcr

be kind. rewind.