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Huge box in the mail📭today from machomanofmedia Thanks so much😲 You always totally hook me up with bunches of awesome stuff You're a big contributing factor to me being out of shelf space😃👍👊🍻📼📼📼 vhs mailtime mail machomanofmedia vhshoarder vhsishappiness vhsisnotdead vhsforever stacks slabs movies vhslife vhshorror horror feedyourvcr vhslove 📼

Tapeset Tuesday. Just a few more 📼from my collection. I'm falling for those Thorn Emi. Super lucky to have scored a copy of 2000 Maniacs. tapeset horror gore vhsisthenewvinyl tapehead horrorgeek zombies vampires demons Goretober vhsordie vhsishappiness Halloween Rhino 2000maniacs hbocannonvideo martin georgeromero vestron ghoulies shockwaves petercushing thornemi thehitcher demonsofthemind