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The Belt of Truth The two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Mark 10:8 NIV “One of the elements of God’s rule is His heart for oneness, also known as unity. Unity can be defined in its simplest of terms as oneness of purpose. It is working together in harmony toward a shared vision and goal.” Tony Evans Dear Lord, unity in our marriage is about so much more than just agreeing on things. Your Word tells us that our unity actually reflects You to others. Our disunity reveals how far we are from You in our spiritual lives and character. Help us to keep a mindset of unity that is tied to the truth in Your Word, rather than view our decisions and disagreements as competition of thoughts and will. Jesus described the purpose of unity when He said, “I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me,” (John 17:23). Unity is our way of sharing and validating Your love not only for Christ and that You sent Him, but also for all of us. Jesus said we are “perfected in unity.” That being so, we are far from perfected when we quarrel or hold strong to our own desires or decisions, with no regard for our mate. Help me—help us—to be perfected spiritually through the sanctifying process of unity in our marriage. In Christ’s name, amen. socialmediaevangelism thecommission

Praise as if it has already happened! Just recently, God instructed me to praise Him for things I have been praying for. He said, “No longer pray for these petitions as if it has not happened, but begin to praise as if it has already happened!” For a stronger confirmation, I opened my Bible and my eyes fell on Acts 16:25-26 and I knew God was speaking to me once again. Praise Him in the valleys The scriptures speak of Paul and Silas who were put into jail for merely performing the great works of God. The act of being placed in jail represents the trials and tribulations we too face today. The key behind the scriptures informs us Paul and Silas did not view their current situation as hopeless, but they praised God for what He was going to do. They praised God with such an awesome power that all the prisoners throughout the jail heard their praise. And suddenly Suddenly! The scripture tells us suddenly, there was a great earthquake, the prison began to shake and all the doors opened and each prisoner’s band loosen. The word suddenly is defined as something happening quickly. If you want to see God make big changes in your life, begin to praise Him big and immediately God will begin to work on your behalf! Start now to praise God in advance. And suddenly, you will see your mountains being leveled and your crooked places made straight, refer to Isaiah 45:2! Reflection: I challenge you to begin to praise God for prayers you expect to come to pass! And suddenly, you will see God do a big thing in your life. socialmediaevangelism thecommission

From time to time, people ask me why I cut hair or what made me want to become a barber, and while I do love the actual act of cutting someone's hair, what I love the most about my job is this right here. Making people happy, making people feel good, starting someone's week off on the right foot or helping them begin their weekend feeling fantastic, giving someone a sense of self confidence that makes them want to leave me positive feedback and keeps them coming back again and again. So thank you, to all of my clients old and new, you all make this awesome job worth doing BarberLife BarberShopConnect BarberHub BlurryFades WesternBarberConference NationalBarbersAssociation NBACuts TheArtOfBarbering HairMoney BostonBarbers BarberSince98 BeastCoast TheCommission WahlPro Andis MensHair BaldFade EleganceGel EleganceApproved NastyBarbers MassBbc Boston Worcester WooCutz woocutz nastybarbers Yourbarberconnect barbersince98 WesternBarberConference

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A code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities. A simple but straight to the point meaning. Omerta CosaNostra Gangsters Respect NewYork Mafia Mob Gangland Boss TheCommission agangsterstale

A code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities. A simple but straight to the point meaning. Omerta CosaNostra Gangsters Respect NewYork Mafia Mob Gangland Boss TheCommission