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I’m still absolutely horrified and shocked after reading the statement that was released by the courageous women of One Tree Hill. I remember years ago when OTH had run for a couple of years, that rumours started circulating. However, it’s hard to face the absolute truth on black and white that THIS is what was happening. After reading additional details from Hilarie about the deeply traumatising & abusive behaviour by Mark Schwahn, my heart breaks even more. I am so incredibly sorry. But I’d now like to focus on the incredible strength and courage shown by all the women of OTH, both cast & crew. Thank you for all the times you stood up for yourselves and each other. Thank you for stopping to take a picture with a fan. Thank you for the smiles you offered us in between filming, even through all this, for attending events, for your words, kindness, your art, your grace, your time and effort. Thank you for thinking of us and standing by us. It’s now our turn to stand by you, to support, to respect, to fight back with you. We’re all behind you. Thank you for giving us Haley, Brooke, Peyton, Quinn, Rachel, Lindsey, Victoria, Carrie, Bevin, Karen, Deb, Millicent, Alex, Nikki, Anna, Taylor, Jules, Gigi, Sam, Lauren, Miranda, Amanda, Sylvia Most of all, THANK YOU for giving us strong role models, both off and on screen. I’ve learned a lot from you and I keep learning. I admire you all and wish you all the very best. Keep fighting, I know I will. Thank you for showing women what sisterhood is all about, for speaking up and shining a light on something that needs to be seen and heard. I believe you and I believe IN you. I knew already when I was 15 and discovered a new show that was about to start, called OneTreeHill, that you were someone I wanted to look up to. I still know it now, more than ever. And a thank you to the brave women of TheRoyals as well. BURNITDOWNSIS FUCKYOURSORRY BELIEVEWOMEN BethanyJoyLenz SophiaBush HilarieBurton DanneelHarris MichaelaMcManus KateVoegele DaphneZuniga IndiaDeBeaufort BevinPrince JanaKramer ShantelVanSanten AllisonMunn BarbaraAlynWoods TorreyDeVitto AudreyWauchope RachelSpecter

i hope to have this type of relationship with my future husband after 8 years of marriage😫

Shantel Appreciation post💗 I adore her so freaking much it's unnormal😲 • • • • shantelvansanten apprecationpost If you repost please give credit! And if you want to you can tag therealshantel below!❤

-3x11 haley looks so pretty even when shes mad😍

—nothing by respect for the girls who MADE one Tree Hill a: idk C: mine sorry the watermark got cut off. sophiabush hilarieburton joylenz therealshantel katevoegele kramergirl

mark schwahn can choke can’t wait for this to flop cc: divxnes / omgpage amavigrp

I don't realize i was with therealshantel last saturday and i was touched by her generosity, her smile, her kindness I was again a pleasure to meet her for the second time. My mother was happy for me for the video with her because she knows how much my foundraiser was important. I was touched and emotional when Shantel asked me to be with her on this video. I am happy to call her my inspiration in life ❤ shantelvansanten inspiration inspirationinlife