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The scene of the crime! 🔪 🍎 the tastiest things in life are sometimes the messiest same with the sweetest 💕👌🏻

Will it look on purpose or will I have to dye the rest tomorrow? Noone knows Stay tuned 😂 Yes, that is Minnie Mouse on my socks. hairdye dyeingmyhair larichedirections dyeing bluehairdontcare bluehair bluehairandactuallyicarealot immyowndamnhairgoals sceneofthecrime mermaidhair mermaidhairintheworks nomakeup directionshair

Ireland you have always been so safe and sheltered. Ophelia has come and gone. Bitch be crazy. Today Virgin media still cold call me wanting more of my money and bills need to be paid. Don't forget the things that matter Ophelia aftermath salthill sceneofthecrime storm lifegoeson 🌊. nofilter

Found at the scene of the crime, these leggings hold clues to a mystery. Can you crack the case? forensicscience fingerprints detective mystery whodunit sceneofthecrime crackthecase halloweenleggings

Happy bday Stevie Wonder. I loveeee you 💋 sceneofthecrime chickentender

2 weeks, 2,280 miles, and 6 states later and it’s over An epic trip with an even more epic Gal trentedansmatente sceneofthecrime sunset polaroid

There's still love in this world - prayed for the victims at the sceneofthecrime in vegas

Note how he knows EXACTLY when they say bitch, haha, excuse bad singing.