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The joy of flying your mates quad cuz you've binned yours into a puddle and one motors twitching. I wonder if you can see the exact moment the wheels Sorry the rotor flies off? icrashdrones jamezfpv rotorfail fail flylikeabird Drone dronestagram dronephotography dronelife fpvlife dronefly drones camera fly quadcopter droneporn flying fpv fpvracing fpvfreestyle fpvracingdrones fpvpilot droneracing quad quads dronesdaily multirotor dronesaregood dronegear

Da bricht im Flug einfach mal ein Rotor ab Notlandung ging ja doch ganz gut. Disintegrating rotor during mid-flight Emergency landing worked quite well. microcopter mikrokopter microkopter hexacopter hexakopter rotorfail notlandung emergencylanding brokenrotor fail flying fliegen landung landing

New Rotor 3D Track cranks on the Super Pista. Big thanks to chebici for the support bianchi rotor pepino

This is why womenneedmen. She said her car vibrated and squeaks a lot when she brakes and thinks she needs new brakes 😂 brakecylinder seized rotorfail maintenancefail girlcar car chevy ford vw bmw honda girlfail brakes brakesfail tuner women cargirl love follow me awesome

There once was a happier time for Beyoncé 😢 rotorfail rotafail poorlife builtnotbought gtx35r carappreciationpost mistress

Cracked brembo rotor on my wife's car.