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25 Extremely Notorious Gangsters Gangsters are members of gangs or professional criminal organizations who are known for their involvement in the conduct of acts prohibited by law, especially assassination. For decades, these people have been active in several areas of the world particularly in Europe, Asia, United States and Latin America. Most of these gangsters have become infamous either because of the severity of crimes they committed in the past, the fashion through which they assassinated their victims, or because of the popularity of the people that they killed. Gangsters normally choose to become part of gangs as this provides them with a certain level of organization and support that they cannot get when they operate alone. Here is a list of the top 25 extremely notorious gangsters in history. queenscemetery mobsters mafia lacosanostra mob cosanostra profaci mobboss organisedcrime gangsters verybadthings murderinc thecommission restingplace

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Corporation of the City of New York

GAGNE but not Forgotten. GAME OVER. gonebutnotforgotten eric gagne relief pitcher saves losangeles dodgers canadian gameover *187 Saves in 4 seasons.

Visited queenscemetery today. Said little prayer. Thank you all soldiers for our freedom and keeping us safe

Cemeteries are a strange mix - a wealth of weathered architectural details swirling with emotion, either for the dead around you or for our own eventual death. It's eerie and beautiful and mysterious. cemetery cemetaries architecturaldesign weathered death finalfrontier whereweareheaded deathbenotproud donotgogentleintothatgoodnight fightfightagainstthedyingofthelight calvarycemetery queenscemetery mausoleum

Remembering the 125 men who died on 14 March 1917 and are buried in Queens Cemetery (23 of the Queens Regiment buried together) and Rossignol Wood Cemetery where the Staffordshire Regiments buried their men on this day. cwgc queenscemetery rossignolwood

You call yourself a New Yorker if you live here or you die here? queenscemetery newyorker fall sunset