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Untitled. From "Crime and punishment". 2017. Mixed media on paper. 27,5 x 23,5 cm

Hey guys i think I'm back for a while! Just wanted to congratulate my tribe on a great season. It was a hell of a run and I'm proud of you guys, well get the ring next season. Till then Indians. Till then. (in other words the Cavs starts tonight! Go cavs! And the browns They're uh Trying I think) oh and I'll be making more videos and I'll be posting more ddlg stuff! Yay! Missed yall! ddlg Diapergirl daddy diaper dominant abdl ageplay little iloveyou kittenplay ClevelandBrowns Submissive littleboy punishment mdlb ddlgrelationship Diaperfetish crankylittle spanking WedgiePlay Stuffies BDSM DaddyDom Dom BDSMrelationship stonerdaddy stoner switch tribe cavs

Untitled. From "Crime and punishment". 2017. Acrylic on paper. 27,5 x 21 cm

A MOTHER BRINGS HER SON TO BE SHOT What does it take for a war to really end? FILM 15 ​ending​ the LFF series by filmtribe. london One night​,​ Majella O'Donnell took her drug-addicted teenage son Philly to be shot​ in the kneecaps​, subjecting him to the punishment of dissident Republican paramilitary during a supposed time of peace​.​ The Troubles 'officially​'​ ended in 1998 in Northern Ireland​. But ​ Derry is a city still reeling from that period, where this is still considered as acceptable. ​ "O’Shea’s investigations are unsettling and compelling." filmuforia Five​ ​years in the making by director, Sinéad O’Shea, an investigative documentary that gained access to a former IRA member-turned- community mediator to ​understand the current state of affairs. How do you bring your son to be shot? What happens afterwards? ​A city seemingly left behind by the Northern Irish political class they do not accept the government or police. The​ shocking portrait of a post conflict society. "​A​ finely balanced example of documentary filmmaking, featuring extraordinary moments." britishfilminstitute amotherbringshersontobeshot rebel teenagersgrowinguppolitics brexit unitedkingdom british cinephile reallife londonfilmfestival