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Our wall of movies has filled out nicely. Time to add some more shelves to it. moviecollection moviehoarder dvdcollection bluraycollection

So, I own a few movies Almost my entire Blu Ray/DVD collection, it takes up 3 sections of my apartment. Apparently, I'm a terrible estimator when it comes to numbers, as I hadn't done a count in about 5-6 years. I thought I had a lot more than I actually had, lol. It's just a bit over 4,000 total, still a hefty load. The first section is by director, the second is alphabetical by genre, and the others are tv and collectors editions/documentary. bluray dvd moviehoarder bluraycollection bluraycollector blurayaddict dvdcollection dvdcollector film movies myownblockbuster obsessedwithmovies moviesaremylife cinephile bluraybuff moviebuff filmcollection

Four nice bluray upgrades. I have no qualms about admitting that I love thefaculty, really looking forward to revisiting it. livid is awesome, eviled, well. It’s kinda fun and bewitched, great shawbrothers black magic fun. njutafilms arrowvideo 88films bluray moviecollector moviecollection moviehoarder inthemailtoday

Goodies from yesterday including movies I bought awhile back. 🎥🎬 moviehoarder movielife moviecollector childhoodmovies

E.T-4K👽🌕 4k bestbuyexclusive and yes, I did eat these after! ExtraTerrestrial reesespieces

Everytime someone comes up to the media room they are blown away from the amount of movies we have. There's more in the closet😂 movies moviehoarder