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October 17, 1931. 86 years ago. Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined $80,000 after being convicted of tax evasion. Alphonse Gabriel Capone had joined the notorious crime circuit responsible for much of the alcohol-smuggling, gambling and, prostitution in Chicago in 1920 when it was led by Johnny Torrio. During the early 1920's, Capone rose through the ranks of the crime family until he became leader in 1925 following the retirement of Torrio. During Capone's reign, he implemented brutal exercises to gain complete control of all law enforcement and illegal activity profit within Chicago. On February.14/1929, he infamously wiped out seven high-ranking rival mobsters in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to strengthen his hold on bootlegging into the city. It took a team of federal agents led by Elliot Ness to finally go after Capone in court but could only manage to charge him for tax evasion. After Capone was found guilty, he was sent to a U.S. Penitentiary in Georgia but was later transferred to Alcatraz Prison in 1934 in San Francisco, where he spent the next five years. He was only released in 1939 following a report of declining health and, contracting syphallis and for overall good behaviour. Capone later died at his home in Palm Island, Florida on January.25/1947. capone alcapone alphonsegabrielcapone prohibition mob mafia mobboss crimefamily crimecircuit gangster ness elliotness chicago illinois georgia alcatraz 1930s thedirtythirties thedirty30s 30s 1931

April 15, 1931. Joe "The Boss" Masseria, a mob boss during prohibition, murdered after Lucky Luciano ordered the hit. Lucky met Joe The Boss and his crew at a restaurant for seafood on Coney Island that afternoon. When Lucky excused himself to use the restroom, that was the signal for Lucky's men to come taken Joe out. There were more than 20 shots fired from 2 different pistols, 5 of which entered Joe. He died then and there. People tend to think the person who took the pic posed Joe with the Ace of Spades in his fingers. Either way, the mafia now considers that particular card to be bad luck. ♠ Crystalbearrington mafia crimescene censored hitman hitmen lucky luckyluciano coneyisland mobboss aceofspades badluck history newyork mob boss theboss truecrime truecrimecommunity killingit hit corpse morbid macabre macabrephotochallenge bang

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