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Bom dia, leitores! Tudo certo? 💃 O que andam lendo? Eu estou lendo Um Otimista Incorrigível do maravilhoso Michael J Fox, que nos conta como foi descobrir a Doença de Parkinson no auge de sua carreira como ator Mais detalhes assim que terminar a leitura. Mas quero saber de vocês, quais suas leituras em andamento? UmOtimistaIncorrigível MichaelJFox LeituraAtual amando boraler book livro top MinhaVidaDeLeitora 📖❤📚😉🌈🌟

If you don't like 80s movies then we can't date. I just don't need that kind of negativity in my life. 80s classics roadhouse standbyme backtothefuture topgun movies patrickswayze tomcruise michaeljfox memories smiles life

. TRIVIA Here are some original lines that would have largely changed the scene and our experience 🖊

The Frighteners Peter Jackson's screwball horror masterpiece! One of the most inventive, humorous, and wicked horror comedies you will find. I LOVE EVERYTHING about this movie. This is Peter Jackson's best film if you ask me. 31 days of horror cinema! 16/31 october halloween horror cinema movies 31daysofhalloween peterjackson michaeljfox thefrighteners universalstudios horrornights horrormovies

Inktober Day 16: Werewolves- I’m tired from work as usual, very surprised I pooped this poop out. Googled “ Wolf” for reference pictures and could only find pictures from the tween tv show 😑 anyways check out my friends shelbybungeevac and courtneynicolejohnson for more inktober creations! ink inktober inktober2017 october teenwolf teenwolfmovie michaeljfox 80s 80smovies cartoon doodle doodles sketch sketchbook art traditionalart pen prismamarkers prismacolor copicmarkers markers werewolf basketball adidas

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