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AUDITIONS TODAY Come on out to Playmakers and be in a show! We are looking for 14 men and 4 ladies (plus anyone looking to delve into the world of technical theatre!) to be apart of “All the King’s Men” By Robert Penn Warren and Directed by Ken Richard It will run March 2-18, 2018 As told by Atkinson: "Eliminate the story of Huey Long, which Mr. Warren says is not what he is trying to interpret. He is anatomizing the career with nothing but purity in his heart. Discovering that he is being used by a cynical machine, [Willie] adopts their methods, and presently, he is in control of the state. By resorting to corrupt methods he accomplishes things for the people that were only abstract ideals when he was campaigning honestly. As a portrait of politics, this is effective and provocative." This version of the widely known work, which, as a novel, was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, had a highly successful Off-Broadway run during the 1959 season.

Those smiles didn’t last for long once the glutes got firing! — I think crossfitsy1 & dsanders80395 got a kick out of seeing me struggle! — Love trying out new things! — crossfit crossfituk band march smile happy fitness gym fitspo fitfam kynexp gymshark

Treason & Plot 💀Commemorating the seventeen Protestant martyrs from the town who were burned at the stake for their faith Lewes bonfirecapitaloftheworld ritual martyrs bonfire guyfawkes parade cult march thecraft pope protestant celebration fireworks gunpowder treason crosses plot

Looking to travel and volunteer?! Travelasana offers Yoga, Surf, and Seva Retreat in Puerto Rice on Mar 24-28, 2018 where you can practice yoga, enjoy the beauty of Rincon and lend a helping hand to local families who need your support after the hurricane. linkinbio travelasana retreat march wellness yoga health support surf seva service help family community volunteer travel adventure puertorico rincon beach sun joy

Sucks i missed out on such a historic day, but my momma was holdin it down for me. Im so proud of my people 🇿🇼 newzimbabwe march leftrightleft thisflag longlivejoshuankomo 15billion othawizehapana

Fans de los largometrajes de Disney notición: Tenemos nuevo póster y trailer de la nueva producción dirigida por Ava DuVernay llamada Un giro en el Tiempo en español y en Inglés A Wrinkle in Time. La película en cuestión es una adaptación cinematográfica de el libro del mismo nombre de Madeleine L'Engle. La historia nos cuenta como un científico que descubre algo exceptional desaparece y su hija y sus amigos serán los encargados de buscarle en la Oscuridad a través de viajes en el tiempo y espacio con la ayuda de Las Celestiales. El reparto cuenta con Chris Pine como el padre científico,Storm Reid [ stormreid ]como su hija, y las actuaciones de Oprah Winfrey [ oprah ] Reese Witherspoon [ reesewithherspoon ]Mindy Kaling [ mindykaling ]y Zach Galifianakis. Su estreno en Estados Unidos será el 9 de Marzo de 2018 mientras que en España todavía no conocemos la fecha. UniversosLiterarios Universos_Lit RevistaLiteraria Movie Film Pelicula 2018 March AWrinkleInTime UnGiroEnElTiempo Adaptacion Book Disney Libro

Marching for my home ❤️🇿🇼 zimbabwe march thisisit freedomtoday unity babwe

PROCAR Preparado 🚘🚘🛠🛠 nissan march chapaypintura Cotizaciones sin cargo! Maldonado 2265 esq Acevedo Diaz. 2400 21 50 / 099 584 955

No to slavery in Libya. NYC today, Saturday November 18, in front of the Embassy of Libya , we meet at Noon. 309 East 48th Street 10017 City: New York Phone: +1 212 752 5775 Peaceful march protest notoslavery blacksarenotforsale

Want to go back to reign take the train and feel the history of france memories from march

តើអ្នកត្រូវជាអ្វីនឹងខ្ញុំ?❤️ Pls comment yr birth month 😂 January មិត្តជិតស្និត 😚😊 February ក្រាស់ 😆💖 March មនុស្សសំខាន់ 😘❤️ April ម្តាយដើម 💝😍 May Ex 😒😂💖 June គូរកម្ម 😱💞 July សង្សារ2500 💗 August សត្រូវ 🔫😈 September មហាមិត្ត 💞💞 October មនុស្សមិនដែលស្គាល់គ្នា 😌😂 November សាហាយ 😱💗 December អនាគតប្រពន្ធ 💝