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Twin sons of different mothers? I’m not sure I see it. lievschreiber raydonovan digger_mesch

Making the collar match the cuffwig fitting with lievschreiber broadway lievschreiber raydonovan blackhair fbf

Day 322 - Spotlight (2015) Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams Directed by: Tom McCarthy Plot: The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core. Thoughts: I can't really say that I enjoyed this film because it isn't exactly a fun topic, but it was really interesting and shocking. Tom McCarthy managed to make the film really compelling without adding needless drama. I loved the idea of a group of journalists just getting shit done and uncovering this whole crazy story. It really showed what a pain in the ass doing all that research would have been without the technology we have now as well. The acting was fantastic here and I'm surprised that nobody won an Oscar for it, I haven't seen all the films from the other nominees so I can't really comment on who deserved it more. I probably won't watch this movie again but I think it is great and definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it before. 9/10

Spotlight (2015) “We got two stories here: a story about degenerate clergy, and a story about a bunch of lawyers turning abuse into a cottage industry. Which story do you want us to write? Because we're writing one of them.” tommccarthy markruffalo michaelkeaton rachelmcadams lievschreiber johnslattery briandarcyjames stanleytucci howardshore spotlight crime history drama dramatic film movie movies cine picture quotes filmquotes filmmaking truestory scene shot cinematography take cut thatsawrap thruthelens

flashbackfriday to a time when I did more impressions!

One of our favorite actors in one of our favorite coats lievschreiber savetheduck ecofriendly warm coat actor raydonovan bicycle madeinitaly

spotted a zimbabwean with Liev Schreiber lievschreiber aka raydonovan raydonovan aka sabretooth can't believe I spotted him! Eishk 💃💃 livingmybestpraguelife prague praha birthdaythings nok2la_tuttie 29

【DVD/Blu-ray/Google Play新片上架-《 熱血拳王》( TheBleeder)】 全球億萬票房傳奇 經典電影《 洛奇》( Rocky)的靈感藍本 改編 ChuckWepner 的真實故事 擂台上埋身肉搏 擂台下殘酷人生 Rotten Tomatoes爛蕃茄🍅指數高達81%! 🏆導演《 我的插班老師菲臘法拉度 ( PhilippeFalardeau) 🏆《 焦點追擊》《 變種特攻里夫舒韋伯 ( LievSchreiber) 🏆《 愛情上半場完》《 飛鳥俠娜奧美屈絲 ( NaomiWatts) 🏆《 因真相之名伊莉沙白摩絲 ( ElisabethMoss) 🏆《 怪獸與牠們的產地朗柏文 ( RonPerlman) 改編自Chuck Wepner (里夫舒韋伯-飾演)的真實故事。1975年,新澤西州烈酒銷售員卓克,在一場世界重量級拳王賽事中,與叱吒一時的世紀拳王阿里苦戰15回合後落敗。在卓克的十年拳擊生涯中,他曾被打斷鼻樑八次,14場戰敗,兩次被擊倒,共縫過313針。他的事蹟啟發了拍攝《洛奇》電影系列,締造億萬電影票房的輝煌成就。但他最大的鬥爭不是在擂台上,而是在台下;縱情酒色毒品的他,難以自拔,令他經歷人生的大起大落。

I been sleeping on ray I'm six years behind raydonovan is lit 🔥. showtime . Best show eveR! mcf mancrushfriday . lievschreiber . Love this Dude!

An olderish pencil drawing. I only draw people I’m intrigued by. If you want to know which actors and actresses I admire most, you just have to see which ones I’ve drawn 😂 I think this was after watching Defiance and Manchurian Candidate. Also, I have a major weakness for pretty eyes. And. Welp. pencilart pencildrawing graphitedrawing lievschreiber actor art artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram

Liev Schreiber on the breakfast run in New York City lievschreiber biking cycling

When you’re so excited to meet lievschreiber that your hands get shaky. Smh. Lmfaooo Even he got his selfieswithimran . I may or may not have tried making my entrance into the film industry. actor hollywood bollywood auditions selfie potd instadaily instagood feature lievschreiber xmen raydonovan instafamous

A fun Throwback Thursday to working with two incredible actors, lievschreiber and thehughjackman , and an incredible dog! Fun job, great movie!

Eyeing up the Movember competition and knowing your moustache is better 👀