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So I'm doing this new thing where I'm going to try and take pretty pictures for the book reviews I post on my blog. I recently finished reading Starswept by astralcolt and it just so happened that I had won her giveaway a few months back, so I had some good props to work with. From my review: Overall, this was a great read and I'm glad I picked it up. If you enjoy YA science fiction and are looking for something with a unique premise, you should definitely give this one a try. You can read the full review on my website blog: bookstagram kindlereads indieauthor indiebooks ya scifi spaceopera dystopia authorsofinstagram reading

Yesterday went out to the beach again in the afternoon! So beautiful 😍 Not Quite Dating is another book just sitting on my kindle that I still have yet to read! I feel like there is a lot of those lol. Anyway I hope everyone is having a fabulous day? I am less the half way through A Dark Lure And I have to say it’s really good. I can’t put it down while reading I have to force myself. I am enjoying it so far at least. Again if you like to read it and you have an amazon prime you can read it for free. I recommend trying it outM booknerdsjm readingisgoodforthesoul bookstagram goodreads ilovebooks kindlepaperwhite kindlereads

cozying up with [several] coffee[s], finishing up some final touches on book 2 before it's off to my editor, & quite possibly enjoying a little writing 🖋☕ lol its not like I've already started book 3 though don't look at me like that haha definitelystartedbook3 🔥 writersofinstagram series writer thebloodrace scifibooks epicfantasy thriller authorsofinstagram writerthings writerlife wipjoy TBR octoberauthors yafic youngadultfiction newfiction thrilledfiction yathriller Characters newrelease summerreads newreads release books amazon kindlereads

Thank you _ciaira for this photo of Tomorrow Never Lived Here next to a fellow Cleveland author's book: Inspiration From Above by Jacqueline Davieau. Both books can be purchased on Amazon. You can also download the eBook on your Kindle device. Link is in my bio :-) supportlocalauthors greatbooks musthave boughtthemonamazon fall snuggleupwithabookweather books clevelandauthors cleveland ohio fallreads kindlereads motivational inspirational happytuesday happyreading author authorlife womenwhowrite

Finally broke the 200 mark on my kindle. kindlereads kindle thriller truecrime death justalittlemilestone read

Je déguste un délicieux English Breakfast et un carrot cake tout en préparant ma vidéo pour la prochaine édition du feminibooks! C'est une relecture de l'incroyable Vagina Monologues de Eve Ensler, un livre drôle, touchant et qui fait réfléchir.

A REALLY big jacket 👆Click the link in my bio to read my blog and you can also subscribe on your Amazon Kindle!👆 Perfect for a late night read and if you need some inspiration for nightly bedtime stories If you're a blogger, and/or a parent and 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 would like to share a favorite bedtime story with the blog just email contact . I am looking for awesome short story fiction for my blog! 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 bloggers writers mommystyle mombloggers parenting parentingstyle fictionwriters kindlereads blogger healthbloggers healthyfood parenting parentingwin instagold writersofinstagram

Monday tidbit from Enduring Bond:⠀ ⠀ They’d dragged him through the corridors and as the lights got brighter, he found his eyes aching. Noise filtered through the walls. The hum of electronics and rush of air in heating vents sizzled in his ears. He’d been deprived sensory input for so many years and all the sounds gave him a splitting headache.⠀ ⠀ It had all vanished the second Mariyah had touched him.⠀ ⠀ ***⠀ When I was writing this scene I had to think about what some noises would be that our hero might hear that he'd never heard before. He's been imprisoned for decades so when they do bring him into a common area, he hears things he isn't familiar with. It was an interesting experience. He's been in a cell since the eighties, so obviously, things are going to sound different. What things do you think he'd be shocked to see or hear? Tell me!⠀ ⠀ COMINGSOON KanAsmaVampires instaauthor author authorsofinstagram authorconfession MondayTidbit excerpt oneclick vampires vampire PNR romance paranormal HEA paranormalromance ebook kindle amazon kindlereads ibooks nook alpha amwriting amediting teaser

Personally I am a huge fan of reading paper back books. I prefer them over reading them on my Kindle what I do love is the Kindle unlimited subscription amazon offers. It’s a digital library where you can read and listen to tons of books! 📚 kindleunlimited amazon audible