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Search Robin Moses eyeballs on YouTube or look for this design in my halloweennails playlist linked in my bio and brushes at worldwide 💟🖤💟🖤🖌🖌🛒

Found these gems at the thrift store today! Brings me back to when I was a kid watching these films when I wasn't suppose too 😂

I haven’t watched this in years and it’s a bootleg, so there’s a chance I’ll have to stop this halfway through (hopefully not). Watching Shivers! 31daysofhalloween 31daysofhorror horror horrormovies horrorfilm horrorfan horrorlover halloween shivers davidcronenberg bodyhorror

Halloween is just 2 weeks away! Are you ready? 🎃 Find all the decor and costumes you could ever need on the letgoapp.

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spiders in bio. Brushes worldwide at ☠🖤🛒🖌❗❗👻