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Another awesome gun to shoot, my Enfield No. 5 MK. 1 Jungle Carbine. This rifle was design in the tail end of the Second World War and only saw service/production for a few years. Apparently, when shooting it for an extended amount of time or at a distance it has a wondering zero and the shooter can hit the same spot twice. I have never encountered this issue bc I never shoot it at long distance or longer enough for that to happen! This is a good example of a Jungle Carbine bc it has a matching mag and stock, along with the original sights (they only extend to 800 meters) and a bayonet for it. It’s a fun gun to shoot, and crazy loud gunoftheday gunstagram guninstagram guns gun shooting shootingrange shootingisfun shootingguns pewpew pewpewpew pewpewprofessional pewpewlife pewpewdaily pewpewtime enfield jungle junglecarbine enfieldcarbine 303 british british303 military militarysurplus history secondamendment 2ndamendment 2a

🇺🇸MURICA REPRESENT in Warsaw, Poland. 😅Not a sponsored ad, but if mcdonalds hired me on their marketing team, they would be drownin' in the moolah! 💸💸 Warsaw does remind me of the states though. It has that modern cosmopolitan feel. Nice! 🎺 mccafe warsaw poland american coffee history architecture backpacking worldtraveler digitalnomad tourist aroundtheworld jetsetter

"Mitica creativa art dealer, musa ispiratrice, icona di stile. Iris Clert ha rappresentato l’imprescindibile riferimento di alcune figure chiave dell’avanguardia artistica internazionale. E tagliata a perfetta misura della sua audace, lungimirante visione dell’arte, della sua moderna fede nel nuovo, del suo senso del divertimento, dello scandalo, della provocazione, la galleria da lei inaugurata a Parigi nel 1955 resta a testimoniarne le scelte coraggiose, la capacità di prefigurare il tempo, la personalità sopra le righe." -Vogue Italia- art artworld artlover irisclert history paris europe artdealer artadvisory arianna_grava

A restoration worker taking a small break to watch the sun burn away the morning mist.

Explore the city 💧🌂 เสาชิงช้า city rain old walk history newlife bangkok thailand