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Many of us witnessed an astonishing sight today, as the sun beamed fierce and orange behind a darkened sky. It felt like the end of days for a while. No wonder the ancients, in an attempt to save themselves made sacrifices. storm dawn art

It's shoulder season but thankfully the sun and the sky don't know that. evening sunset fire dusk halflight pool vacationmode beherenow newhorizon

Strange afternoon. It's like being in the daylight part of Pitch Black. Hampshire sandsky weaksun orange halflight silhouette strangeday

Half light(pronto llegara mi neunaberpara hacer el shimmer )un pedacito lo demás en youtube xDtodo grabado con el celgtaba bkn los sonidos *.* guitar acustic porcupinetree halflight

"But you had somewhere that you had to go, And you caught that flight out of Covalo. Now, overhead, you're gunning in those Vs, Where you had better find your peace, Whether north, or south, or west, or east. West or east And I had better find my way To being the kind of friend you seemed to need in me, At last, at least." sunset migratorybirds milano perspective geometry feels citysunset halflight buildings university bicocca sundaymood sunsetsky picoftheday