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So recently Serena Williams, a mega tennis star, just jumped the broom! An outright Queen, its amazing to see people glow! What a beauty! Congrats to the newlyweds ! wedding tennis usopen currentbiz nyc bossip gossip photography celebrity stylist fashion technology blog blogger club cars street urban streetwear newyork hollywood losangeles sports miami love serenawilliams

Link in bio. On Friday, the new lawyer filed court documents to dismiss the case, and it has since been dismissed without prejudice “with intent to refile” as reported by TMZ. “It’s our sincere hope that this dismissal will bring an end to the opportunistic litigation against Usher in Georgia,” Usher’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells PEOPLE in a statement about the case being dismissed. usherraymond usherfans usher nolimit peoplemagazine tmz caughtup letitburn confessions yeah myway umakemewanna Atlanta atl sosodef jermainedupri omg theshaderoom rhymeswithsnitch balleralert talkyourishblog gossipthot entertainment gossip

No time for an artistic food shot today as we were so eager to tuck in to this table of sheer deliciousness! Brunch today at Timmy Green daisygreencollection with one of the truly loveliest people I’ve met in a long time elou_5, was simply divine. 💜 The restaurant was packed (standard) but we managed to sneak a table pretty much straight away and the service, atmosphere & food were all brilliant as always. They even had a guy playing a great little acoustic set while we ate. It was the perfect belated birthday brunch with a pretty wonderful friend. 👯‍♀️

My money talk back to me like "Yo Yo RasThug what's up cuzWhat it doWhat's poppin" I'm like Shhhhh "Studio session Monday son" S.L.U.G IN DA BUILDING "Don't B late"⌚ convo gossip promo buisnesscall torontohiphipisalive🔥🔥🔥🔥 S.L.U.G KAMP ENT.💯 morethanmusic.certified_ gritreport

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Brunch this morning - Full English with avo for him 🇬🇧Kedgeree for me 🇮🇳+ the black pudding I knicked off his plate I only have to mention black pudding to my clients and most of them turn their noses up. Defintely an acquired taste, but so so so rich in iron! Low iron is an issue I see all the time in clinic with ladies struggling with poor immunity, excessive hair loss and low energy. So many women just don’t really fancy eating much red meat, which is ironic because they tend to need it more than men do! Though you can get iron from watercress, kale, dried apricots, figs and black quinoa, I still find many of my female clients are on the end low of normal for this essential mineral, especially those who have had , have heavy periods or lift weights This doesn’t mean you have to eat loads of red meat, but a lean steak, lamb loin or venison once a week can be a great addition to the diet, so don’t totally cut it out thinking its bad for you. For vegan and vegetarian chicks out there, be sure to get iron and ferritin checked regularly to be sure your levels don’t dip too low foodie yum saturday redmeat steak beef brunch eggs avocado bacon greentea greenjuice vegetarian plantbased foodpic vegan weekend gossip tea smoothie nutritionist foodporn fitfam omega3 kedgeree turmeric iron anaemia matcha fullenglish

Facebook user identified as Diamond Sophia Oyemen has called out 4 of her female friends who is trying to force her to use charms on men just as they do to leave her alone and out of it. They are Goya Success, Linda Edegbe, Roxy Khalifer, Anabel James gist gossip Info update news Nigeria press information mediahouse gossipgirl marriage worldnews foreignnews governments public publicnotice telecommunications followforfollow followers events website tv radio actress actors film celebritygist celebrity stategovernment politics

So we all know that Black Friday is coming up! Most would say it’s madness. You go out looking for a deal. But remember people have no care, they don’t have any regrets and it might feel like live or die 😂 Check out these tweets. blackfriday currentbiz nyc bossip gossip photography celebrity stylist fashion technology blog blogger club cars street urban streetwear newyork hollywood losangeles sports miami love

It's like looking in a mirror with this one. Happy birthday to this beauty! I'm so glad you came up to me at Camp and said "hi!" I hope you enjoy every moment on your birthday totalrachmove. Thanks for introducing me to all these lovely ladies. Oh! And you're welcome for being your celebrity guest 😂👭🎉🥂🎂💕 birthday shenanigans herestobeing 27 herestoyou sagittarius breakingnews selenagomez strikesagain celebrityguest instafamous girlsnight laugh casually girlsroom gossip fuckdarcy

LucaOnestini ha ricevuto un nuovo messaggio dalla ragazza misteriosa. Chi sarà questa donna? pt. 4 GrandeFratello GF GrandeFratelloVIP GFVip gossip news pinkladies

Disco čizme za groznicu subotnje večeri 😉 Naš sjajni Gossip Disco model čeka vas na linku u opisu profila! gossip disco boots instaboots instashoes studded shoes shoesoftheday bootsoftheday shoestagram shoeshine newshoes shoeshopping shoeboxhr