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Finally got around to checking this one out. I highly recommend if you dig Ouija boards, Freddy ripoffs, or other Galindo flicks. kingofthewitches just released, so pick up a copy. Virgil fucking rules! vhscu horror vhsmisfits rewindordie feedyourvcr vhshorror vhs dontpanic

New trade stack as well as current want list. Will also buy to complete my list. Show me what you have. vhs vhstapes horrorvhs vhscu vhsforsale vhsfortrade tapehead horror horrormovies feedyourvcr bekindrewind killerworkout slasher 80s vhsandchill vhscollector vhscollection horrorfan

Gonna pop this one in tonight. Decided to watch something new. It's been sitting in my VHStack for about 2 years. Thoughts on this one? alicesweetalice vhs horror halloween feedyourvcr

When I was a kid, TMNT was life. Lots of good memories in this cartoon. vhs vhscollection vhscu feedyourvcr instavhs vhscollector bekindrewind tmnt teenagemutantninjaturtles

⬅️ Swipe Made this custom bootleg VHS of eliroth's greeninferno! Couldn't be happier feedyourvcr reversetechnology horrorvhs thegreeninferno 📼

Yay! Fixed it and it works fine. It had 6 screws. I don't think I've ever had one of those. One of them was totally stuck. I got it out but stripped it in the process. Anywho, it plays great and I love the cover art. vhsrepair vhs vhscoverart theclownmurders johncandy octobermovies halloween 1976 movies vhscollector vhscollection feedyourvcr vhslife interglobalhomevideo

Did a fun Bootleg trade with slackerstarchild thanks again for the tapes it's going to to get really melty tonight streettrash microwavemassacre vhs vhslife vhscovers horror gore goretober feedyourvcr