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Friends, fans, culture lovers, bibliophiles: Expect a pre-order campaign very, very soon for DAZE OF THE DEAD: An El Muerto Graphic Novel elmuerto graphicnovel latinocomics diadelosmuertos

The day has come! Finally our new track Le Flute Enchantee is out now! You can listen it up spotify ADE tribalhouse groove grothers elmuerto

After a long time waiting to let you guys hear these track! Is finally out for free download thanks to elmuertorecords Family! For ADE EP together with my friends grothersmusic Link in bio! Newmusic Elmuerto Tribal Progressive House Talentolatino FreeMusic Salsa Drums Querico Cali Colombia Mexico Skulls Diadelosmuertos

Ya me hacia falta capturar photography photo pic sky blue elmuerto bmw mina nuevoleon meencanta 📷❤️🌵

Juntos los tres l pasamos bién(8):$ ajjaja mis chatoss el negro culiao y la negra ctmre ❤ los amo caleta par de weones en breve nos vemos en Halloweed los dos novios y la puta :$ ajakjajaja 2016 ahí en el rancho disfrutando nuestro asado pobre juwjqkks 👌👌👏 excelente obra maestra de los tres 😊 cabrito elmuerto finao negra plato losamo dejenlanariz Kie llusepe 18S losmejores 😍

Milestone achieved! Done lettering Part One of DAZE OF THE DEAD. Now the mad sprint to finish lettering all 80 pages of Part Two in the next week?! In minor news also lost 4 lbs. since last week’s doctor visit elmuerto makingcomics lettering diadelosmuertos

This new book is not all fatalistic doom and gothic melodrama elmuerto graphicnovel comicbookwriting littletrump

I can almost see it! The completion of working on this graphic novel elmuerto graphicnovel makingcomics diycomics

YEAH! after a few months offline im really happy to share with you guys my upcoming release called Kampala on elmuertorecords available on october 16th! For 2017 ADE! Lets Rock Elmuerto Kampala Mexico Colombia Tribal Groove House Talentolatino EDM Salsa ADE Family Newmusic

It's important to get the scenes featuring human drama right when scripting your story. And it's fun as heck to let loose with the crazy stuff, too! elmuerto mictlan mictlantecuhtli diadelosmuertos makingcomics