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creepydoll alert! Sad face? Check. For some reason an angel? Check. So creepy that original owner never removed it from the box? Check. Added bonus of a neck brace and protective mesh. thingsididntbuy angel

Just in time for halloween and christmas, New-Old stock of Doll head/hand sets. Most with plastic eyes, a couple painted, and the 🐒 has sleepy eyes that open and close. Are you holidayready ? daytrip_winchesterky downtownwinchester sharethelex lovelexington

Mama without her hair. daviddtsfx thank you for creating such beautiful monsters and inspire people like me to daydream about your job 😀 wipdoll handmadedolls creepydolls creepydoll scarydolls scarydoll mamamovie mamahorrormovie edithbrennan guillermodeltoro

Do you wanna play with me? creepy creepydoll fear horror doll rome street

horrordoll horror creepy creepydoll nun theravenstrinkets

Love making MaMa. Absolute joy even taking the day off just to complete her. 👻 mamathemovie mamahorrormovie edithbrennan ladoll handmadedoll scarydolls scarydoll creepydolls creepydoll wipdoll guillermodeltoro moviedolls

Is it really home if there are no fairy lights? fairylightsmakemehappy homedecor basic finallyfeelslikehome creepydoll

Meet the Cyborg Siblings. The newest members of the GROW YOUR MIND family here at Making Eleven. Upcycled from parts of, dolls, laptop, electric drill, shower hose, kettle, veg steamer, new rock boots. See more at Making Eleven on Facebook. makingeleven, making_eleven, upcycle, upcycled, recycle, recycledart, indoorgardening, urbangardening, cacti, horrordoll, houseplants, creepydoll, weirdcycle, cyberpunk, borg, startrek, trekkie, cylon, terminator, biomech, darker, dollart planters

Inktober day 15: such a cute doll. Inktober inktober2017 doll creepydoll scarydoll evildoll