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P'tit concert de LOKA hier soir à la Art To Play 😊 c'était génial 😃 avec p'tit dédicaces après le concert super :) mais la voie cassé ce matin après avoir gueuler hier lol music concert convention loka dédicaces genialissime

Teaser! My Louise finally got some love thanks to jatstv ! Perfect capture! In my home made bunny ears! Still have pairs for sale but should whip up some more because who doesnt love bobs burgers? supanova louise bobsburgers bunny bunnyears beanie bunnybeanie cosplay character craft sewing australia adelaide convention tv tvshow pink green jatstv dressup costume

Event Time Pic MSME& ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONVENTION 2017 manage By PERFECT Event& Entertainment Congratulations Team

So I’m planning to do a giveaway for you Daryl fans and cosplayers. I got the exact same Gap plaid jacket Norman wears in medium. It’s a very rare and near extinct item, haha. It’s cut already and just needs the leather sleeves which you can add or not. Who would be interested? Comment or like. Rules and details coming soon if I get enough people. DarylDixonCosplay Boots RedWing DarylDixonVest LeatherVest AngelWings Jacket Shirt Cosplay Costume Convention Halloween AMC TheWalkingDead Claimed Claimers Us Zombies Walkers TVShow NormanReedus Replica Authentic WalkingDeadCosplay BigBaldHead WeAintThem TWD Alexandria Contest Giveaway

Yugioh cosplay at Fanime.

Sword Art Online cosplay at Fanime.

Fanime cosplay of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Always forget to take photos when I’m at a con, but I got a couple of some more awesome South Park cosplays mcmbhm17 cosplay cosplaying southpark comiccon convention

Supanova weekend is D.O.N.E and I'm exhausted! Had a blast cosplaying sexy Dumbledore, such positive reactions and I loved it { supanova2017 adelaidesupanova adelaidesupanova2017 supanovaday3 con convention cosplay cosplayer cosplayersofinstagram nficosplay nficosplaycreations aussiecosplayer femalecosplayer }

convention day 😀💋💋