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*NEWS! NEWS! NEWS* Good evening! Zebra Comics wishes to inform you that as from 27 October 2017, it's titles *ALIYA*, *TOTEM* and *TUMBU* are going to be officially released and available. 😉 *Stay tuned for more info on how to get them!* We are very excited to provide you with these awesome stories for starters, while still preparing to bring you more titles to discover. We had planned a launch ceremony for the brand but we apologise that it has been postponed till further notice, for at Zebra Comics, we care about your security. With the current state of affairs in our country, we rather reschedule this grand event to later. So, till then, start counting down with us as we anticipate the release date of the first issues of *ALIYA*, *TOTEM* and *TUMBU*! *D-DAY -12DAYS* zebracomics art comicbooks comics drawnart digitalart likeforlike likeforfollow follow4follow

Star-Lord 1 signed by zdarsky. I wish this series kept on going; way too short a run! igcomicfamily igcomics igcomicbooks comics comicbooks signedcomics marvelcomics starlord

october_coverartchallenge ”Double double toil and trouble” 💚💚 She-Hulk 12 (January, 1981). “Reason and Rage!" Guest-starring Morbius. Written by David Anthony Kraft. Art by Mike Vosburg and Frank Springer. Dr. Morbius, the one time “Living Vampire” and enemy of Spider-Man, gives a serum to Jennifer to help her control her transformations. AlsoGemini, a new character(s) appears, seeking revenge on the reformed Doctor in the names of his many past victims. shehulk shehulkcomics savageshehulk igcomicfamily igcomic igcomicsfamily igcomics comicbooks comicbookfamily marvelcomics marvelcomicbooks marvelcomicsgang marvelcomicgroup comicgeek comiccrusader comicbookcrusader

入荷案内です。荒川弘さんの「銀の匙」のセットが入りました。荒川弘さんのコーナーにあります。 漫画 comic comicbooks 荒川弘 銀の匙 帯広 札幌 sapporo 北海道 hokkaido 酪農

NOW we’re getting somewhere this Halloween! doubledoubletoilandtrouble instead of going the witchy route today for the october_coverartchallenge I’m going with horrific doubles of the Ultimate FF - the original Marvel Zombies! While I am not a huge fan of Greg Land’s art, this cover STILL creeps me too out! Sue’s just too icky, man! I remember reading these original stories and flipping out - SO GOOD! And who thought I’d like a Mark Millar book? Hope this cover satisfies your gory October cravings! ff fantasticfour marvelzombies ulitmatefantasticfour gregland comics halloween horror comicbooks igcomicfamily ilovecomics

I always keep. Sketchbook. If I draw something in there that seems to be working, a lot of times that drawing will find it’s way onto a comic book page. I just do the page layout around that drawing, or I’ll squeeze it into a panel somewhere. It definitely saves time and it makes that sketchbook even more useful. Flats. ninjasandrobots ninja yuki kunoichi shinobi female hero heroine saké sakebomb comics comicbooks manga graphicnovel indie punk artist cartoon anime flats eklaus interstateninja wonar

入荷案内です。弘夢さんの「四姉妹+1物語」全巻セットが入りました。弘夢さんのコーナーにあります。 漫画 comic comicbooks 弘夢 フルヤヒロム 四姉妹プラスワン物語 札幌 sapporo 北海道 hokkaido

Day 17: Page 17 Oi it's getting real now! Inktober2017 inktober indiecomics bnw JordanMorpethArt

Ink 15 Those creative thoughts, itches and imaginary friends never leave you, you block them out to chase and become a Norm. Althoh every axtion you proclaim is the exact opposite. Know childhood, recovery your free, recover youu. xseuss inktober2017 inktober art artist drawing sketch sketchbook chipskylark timmyturner illustrator 概念艺术 comicbooks 図 comicart 絵 fairyoddparents anime ink illustration dessin creative magic eskiz dibujo desenho pentool instalikes igart gesture

入荷案内です。コミカライズです。村上凛さん あなぽんさん 葵季むつみさんの「おまえをオタクにしてやるから、俺をリア充にしてくれ!」全巻セットが入りました。ラノベのコーナーにあります。 漫画 comic comicbooks 村上凛 あなぽんさん 葵季むつみ おまえをオタクにしてやるから俺をリア充にしてくれ 札幌 sapporo 北海道 hokkaido