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📽My Favorite Movies📽 35: Charlie's Angels (2000) 🎞🎞🎞🎞🎞🎞🎞🎞 Apparently I've been a feminist since long before I (or most people) even knew what that word meant, but movies and TV shows with strong women have fascinated me and caught my interest since I was a kid, and the women don't get much stronger than the Angels. It doesn't bog the females down by making them stereotypically emotional or soft. This is an action film ahead of its time, even for one of the first blockbusters of the 21st Century, that treats the women just like the men who commonly lead action-espionage movies, giving them comedic, suave personalities, embracing their sexualities, often painting the male characters as the clingy, love-struck puppies while the girls only give them the time of day as they so please, and, above all, letting them kick some serious ass. The over-the-top, stylized stunts and fight sequences are a perfect representation of why the film works so well overall. Most action movies in general have absurd, far-fetched plots, and Charlie's Angels is certainly no different. I just can't take an action film serious when it takes itself too serious. That's why the action genre has never been very popular with me and why Charlie's Angels is such a rarity. It's campy and silly and ridiculous, but it knows this and is proud of it. As action films continue to get more and more repetitive and melodramatic nowadays more than ever, Charlie's Angels continues to hold up well upon repeat viewings. There is chemistry, effort and a genuine heart that make all the chaos and quirkiness somehow feel grounded. It's a narrow line but the Angels mastered the art of walking it unlike most of their kind. Director McG finally infused some much needed and missed charm and wit commonly found in 80s movies back onto the big screen in 2000 with Charlie's Angels. 17 years later, we're in dire need of a Charlie's Angels reboot with McG back in the driver's seat. The bubbly, colorful energy he splashed on the silver screen needs to make a comeback.

Twin Peaks

Sixteen Candles

Kate Moss 🌹

Winona Ryder in Heathers, 1988.

Crush. {Bill Skarsgård}

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis in That 70s Show, 1998-2006

Girl Interrupted 🍦

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