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I’m diving into another booksparks frc2017 book this morning. ✨Before I Knew by Jamie Beck✨ It sounds like the perfect balance to the heavier thrillers and mysteries I also have going right now. (Synopsis is in the comments.) It’s also pairing perfectly with my Hey Shabby Me coffeemug and my cameronscoffee organicfrenchroast coffee. This morning is perfection. ☺️ • • Does anyone else read a bajillion books at one time? I’m a mood reader, so I rarely read a book from start to finish without reading chunks of a bunch of other books in between. • • beforeiknew jamiebeck romance womensfiction bookworm booknerd bookdragon bibliophile alwaysreading readingallthebooks midwestladieswholit montlakeromance myweekendisallbooked mugshot mugoftheday ☕️ 📚 booksandcoffee coffeeandbooks cameronscoffee

• This series is absolutely gorgeous • I actually haven’t started The Raven Cycle series yet, but I don’t like having incomplete series sitting on my shelves. I actually have quite a few unread / unfinished series on my shelves that I need to get around too. • • > Do you have a series sitting on your shelves that you have never read? What is a series that you have been meaning to read ? • • Book books blogger bookworm booknerd bookaholic bookaddict aussieblogger aussiebookblogger aussiebookworm aussiebibliophile bibliophile bookstagrammer bookstagram bookphotography bookporn instareads instabook booklover booknerd booknerdigans theravencycle series completeseries theravenboys theravenking bluelilylilyblue thedreamthieves

I love a cozy mystery and have recently discovered this series by local Kansas City author, Julie Mulhern. This is book 2 in the Country Club Murder series, based in the mid-1970s (the period references to clothing, drinks and music are some of my favorite parts of the books!). As a Kansas Citian, my favorite part is imagining the real-life inspiration for the fictional schools, people, and places that appear in her books. Additional KC shoutout to tagteamtompkins who makes these darling bookmarks that I ordered from Etsy last week. Each bookmark features a different book-related quote and is made from thick, quality card stock. Check out their shop and check out this author if you live a good mystery! bookstagram bookstagrammer bookaddict booknerd bookworm readmore books bookish booksofinstagram bookstagramfeature igreads bookphoto bookphotography booklover bibliophile bookishfeatures lovetoread kcbookstagram mystery cozymystery

Daughter of the Pirate King was one of my favorite reads of 2017 and I'm so happy my bookmark from atouchofepic matches the Pirate theme so well 😊 If you do your shopping there don't forget to use LIVINGINFICTION10 to get a 10% discount ☺ Also there is an awesome giveaway going on, so you should head over there and participate 🎉 〰〰〰〰〰〰 allthebooksnov | red and orange books frenchiefantasynovember | pirates 〰〰〰〰〰〰 stacksaturday bookstagram booklove books bibliophile bookish booknerd bookworm reading bookphotography lesen bücher totalbooknerd igreads ilovebooks büchersucht daughterofthepirateking tricialevenseller pirates bookmark atouchofepic booksofinstagram instabooks happysaturday flaschenpost whyistherumgone alosa

Qotd: coffee or tea? 🍵 I'm an absolute coffee lover, but I do appreciate a good cup of tea too. This is the larger sized Luke's candle fattykatzecandles it smells soo good and I believe there is only 2 left! So go get one 😊 book bookworm booklover bibliophile reading booknerd instabook bookaholic bookporn read igreads bookish bookaddict booklove instabooks booknerdigans bookphotography bookstagram currentlyreading yalit bookshelf reader booklovers ilovebooks goodreads literature ya bookstgram bookstagrammer

Anyone else remember the trend of web series based on (classic) books from a few years ago? The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was my favorite of the lot. It was well done and made Pride and Prejudice accessible to me. I was delighted to find The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet at Dollar Tree Looking to try one of the web series? I recommend The Lizzie Bennet Diaries ( thelbdofficial), Emma Approved ( emmaapproved), and The Autobiography of Jane Eyre ( eyrequotes). Did you have a favorite? bookstagram booknerd owlcratesociety thelizziebennetdiaries lizziebennetdiaries

Good morning, lovelies! I’ve been absent the last few days because I’ve literally been going to bed at 7pm like the granny I well and truly am! 😂😭👵🏻 • • So as a heads up, I want to let you know you might be getting some non-bookstagram spam in the next little while as I am traveling for work! I hope you won’t mind as I am excited to share. I’ll be going to a big national conference for the first time, so I know I’ll have some memories to share! But don’t worry guys, I have three books, an arc, and my kindle to keep me satisfied on the journey 🙈🙊 • • But before that spam comes, let’s do a book tag! I’m doing bookishhptag from bibliophile.belle ⚡️Patronus: lion 🦁 ⚡️Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw with a strong Gryffindor affiliation (I’m a Ravendor 🤷🏼‍♀️) ⚡️Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade: Diagon Alley ⚡️Favourite shop: Ollivander’s ⚡️Cat, Owl, or Toad: Owl, though I’d probably find a way to also have a cat 🐱 ⚡️Unicorn or Thestrals: Both! ⚡️Favourite spell: Lumos ⚡️Character most identified with: Hermione ⚡️ Character to bring back to life: Dobby • • bookstagram bookshelf reading toberead bookclub bookworm bookdragon booklover bookcover bookphoto bookporn bibliophile ilovebooks bookstagrammer booksofinstagram booknerdigans bookaholic igreads booktoday bookphotography instabook booknerd bookishfeatures bookstagramfeature readmore igbooks bookstagramit bookishpost

🍁🍂 Good Saturday Morning, Bookworms 🍂🍁 - Are you having a great Saturday so far?? I hope so! Mine is a busy one, and I just realized that I haven’t shared my post for today, so here it is ☺️ - 📚 Red & Orange Books. AlltheBooksNov You know, as much as I love these colors, I’m itching to bring out my Winter colors as well. 😆 - 📚 Book Set in Your Country. novinbooks17 📚 stacksaturday lilbookishthanks - - 🍁 So, how’s your weekend going so far?? 🍂 And, what are you reading today?? - bookphotochallenge bookstagram bookstagrammer bookstagramfeature yabooks currentlyreading

Hmm. Miss Universe 2017? Lol. You guys seemed to like my class of 'Harrys' so I figured it was time for another class photo! I haven't done an updated post of my PrincessSquad in a while so I figured now's a good time as any! Plus I figured seeing these lil cuties would put a smile on anyone's face! Amiright?! 😄 Day 18 of readingwhalenov17 - FAVE OTP or SHIP ⛵ . You know what I love about the Disney version of fairytales? There's no love triangles. No other person getting in the way (well, besides Gaston, Prince Hans and John Rolfe 👈 This one's a lil sad. I did ship Pocahontas and John Smith) But yeah no third parties! 😅😜 . I ship them all! ❤ Day 18 of nadineslibrary - FAIRYTALES 🏰 . I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! LURVEEE THEM! 👌😍💕 I love reading different versions of the same fairytale tooand the more, the better! No wait The more darker the talethe better! 🙌 HAPPY SATURDAY/ SUNDAY GUYS Enjoy yourselves! 👋😄

“Söz vermiştim kendi kendime: Yazı bile yazmayacaktım. Yazı yazmak da , bir hırstan başka neydi? Burada namuslu insanlar arasında sakin,ölümü bekleyecektim. Hırs, hiddet neme gerekti? Yapamadım. Koştum tütüncüye,kalem kağıt aldım. Oturdum. Ada’nın tenha yollarında gezerken canım sıkılırsa küçük değnekler yontmak için cebimde taşıdığım çakımı çıkardım. Kalemi yonttum. Yonttuktan sonra tuttum öptüm. Yazmasam deli olacaktım.” Seçme Hikayeler/ Sait Faik Abasıyanık

Finally read gretchenrubin’s Better Than Before and its made me serious re-evaluate some of my goals and habits. It’s given me a bigger understanding of myself and I looooved it. 101audiobooksin1001days

Day 2: Bookstagram. 12daysofbookstagram I hit the jackpot at the used book store yesterday! I have to double check, but I think I now have all of Montgomery's fiction, and I was super pumped to find those amazing puffinclassics editions of Little Men and Jo's Boys. I was also happy to find The Witch of Blackbird Pond it's one of my favourite Newbery winners! The Ramona book is a Christmas gift for my 8 year old niece; it's exciting that she can really READ now! I have to admit, book stacks are a huge pick me up. Can't wait to see all of yours! bookstagram bookworm bookish bibliophile booknerd booklover booklove bookaddict read books livres livre instaread favouritebooks beautifulbooks readtolive igreads lmmontgomery louisamayalcott beverlycleary newberymedal mmd modernmrsdarcy

I've added another funko to my collection I'm seriously loving my Eleven pop! She's so cute. Stranger Things is one of my all time favorite shows now and I'm so glad I've started collecting some of my favorite characters funkos Who is your favorite Stranger Things character? I have a hard time choosing between Eleven, Dustin and Steve bookstagram instabooks booklove booksandbeauti bookworm yalit ya reading bibliophile literature bookstagrammer booknerd bookaddict bookaholic bookhoarder ihoardbooks popfigure vinylpop vinyl funko strangerthings