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Early mornings, big shirts, messya hair, and books. 📚❤️ and don't forget the reading socks and a nice cup of ☕️. bookstagram blogger bloggerlife bookishthings bibliophile cozypillow soft comfy uggbedding

Hello lovelies 🌸 I’m not sure if any of you were following my posts a few days ago but my walls were painted and I rearranged my room! I love the new setup (which you’ll see shortly ☺️) • My bookshelves look basically the same, but I unhauled another 10 books so the weight is a little lighter 📚 What’s your most prized book on your shelf? I have a UK edition of Caraval that I adore 💕

I’d just like to say I have the best Reps! They have been killing it, answering my endless questions, giving opinions and ideas. And on a day like today I needed the extra push and encouragement. 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 My husband saw on a Target commercial that a moms costume was squad goals Mom and I’m just like yeahI kinda wanna be that for Halloween. Are you guys brainstorming Halloween ideas yet!? Check out my lovely reps: createexploreread so_chaotic galaxy.adventurer bookscoffeeandfantasy love2dazzle They’ll have codes for you to use in my shop soon!

Shark Dialogue by Kiana Davenport was my first time in the Magical Realism genre or the Historical Fiction genre. Check out what I thought about the book on my blog. 📚 Question for the comments: What are some magical realism books you can recommend? I want to read more of them. 📚 bookstagram booktography instabooks bookish tbrpile bookishfeature bibliophile booknerd saitscreative bookaddict igreads goodreads bookblogger booktube bookgeek currentlyreading bookmarks brosofbooktube bookishthings sharkdialogues kianadavenport hawaii hawaiianbooks hawaiianartist

Tonight I'll be on talking about my novella Second Time's A Charm with Sapphire J Blue at 9:30 pm EST. Tune in. blogradio tuesdays romance books bookishthings authorsofig writersofig authorsofinstagram

I don't know what's happening but for the last week I've had this urge to read Harry Potter 🚂⚡ Maybe it's because it's fall and the weather is perfect for magical books🍁 But yeah, I've only read the first book so maybe it's time for me to finally read the rest😬 Am I the only one who hasn't finished the Harry Potter series yet?🤓 . Also Ravnenes Hvisken by m.solvsten is amazing so if you haven't checked it out, go do it! I don't think I've ever read anything quite like this. (sorry, it's not in English but it probably will be at some point. That's how good it is. But if you can't wait it's worth learning Danish.)😄 book books bookworm booklover bookstagram bookstagrammer bookpic booktography bookwormfeature reading booknerd bookishfeatures booksttagramfeature readerlife booksaremylife bibliophile bookishthings currentlyreading booklove igreads igbooks bookstafeatures booklyfeature mybookishfeatures bookaddict bookaholic RavnenesHvisken Malenesølvsten read readingbooks

How are you guys? I just got out of class and now waiting for my friend. Going home with someone is like a breath of fresh air. I don't have to worry about being alone. Today's class felt longer than usual, I wish I was doing what I'm doing in this picture. Laying in my best with a steaming cup of whatever (coco coffee) and reading a good book. But sadly i wont be able to do that cause I have lots of cleaning to do. Hopefully after. Qotd: How is your day? What does your days consist of? Ans: School. Some type of work either at home or school. But at least my days are productive, at least I try to be procrastinating . Keep Reading 💕 tbr booklover bookgram bookphotography  reading bookstagramfeed booksforlife bookaholic readallday book books bookworm booklover bookstagram bookstagrammer bookpic booktography reading booknerd readerlife booksaremylife bookishthings bibliophile currentlyreading booklove igreads

Midterms are killing me slowly

Finally reading this onestarted two days ago before going to bed and I fell asleep with the Book in my hand😍 book bookstagram bookishthings booklove read readmore reading potterhead 40for2017 readingchallenge bookchallenge 2017 booknerd readingnerd lovetoread booklove

Happy Tuesday bookies! 📖✨ 🍂 Here’s my mini book haul from today! I finally got my hands on John Green’s newest book, “Turtles all the way down” and Alice Hoffman’s book which is part of reesesbookclubxhellosunshine’s book club this month, “The Rules of Magic” 🍂 I’m so excited for both of these books! Green’s book is quite short in my opinion, so I’m about to start reading it now and will probably be done today 🤗 🍂 Has anybody read either of these? Are you the type to read multiple books at a time like me? 👻 🍂 bookstagram bookstagrammer bookblog bookblogger blogger bloggerlife instaread instabook books bibliophile bookporn johngreen newbook fiction f4f followme followers nikon photography bookishlife bookishthings bookworm booklover goodreads bookaholic johngreenwritesbooks ahoffmanwriter 🎃👻📖☕️🖤💛

Where is your favorite reading spot at home?? I love sitting out by the pool or wrapped in a cozy blanket snuggled in bed 🖤🖤 Thanks a bunch lindsays_books for letting me borrow this book!

Hey everyone ! I can't wait to be Friday, I have a one week break from university waiting for me 🌟 Even though I'll have so much work to catch up with 😅 I was tagged by melaniereads to do another meetthebookstagrammer tag. ❤️ 1- Where are you from ? France, Paris to be precise. 🇫🇷 2- When did you start your account ? On the 8th of September. 3- Would you rather be an author or a publisher ? An author ! I have so much respect for writers, I hope one day I'll manage to write my own novel. 4- Stand alone or series ? Series ! You get more time to spend with your favorite characters ❤️. 5- Which author inspires you the most ? JK Rowling. The universe she created, the characters I'll never grow tired of Harry Potter. 6- Where in the world do you want to travel the most ? Japan ! 🇯🇵 I love the culture, the language (I speak a little bit of Japanese myself). And sushis. ❤️. 7- Cats or dogs ? Tough question. I love dogs but I never lived with one, so Definitely a cat person .🌟. 8- Favorite movie ? Gran Torino. (Even though it makes me cry so much). 🌟 🌟 🌟 bookstagram instabook bookaddict booklover bookworm booknerd bookish bookishthings bibliophile booktag ink bookpic alicebroadway

This Lama doesn't want your drama 😂😂😂 I just LOVE the magnet from the adorable otternonsensedesigns 🙌 It's so cute and funny. When I look at it I just have to smile 🙂 If you also want this funny Drama-Lama then go and visit otternonsensedesigns' shop and use my code SONJA15 to get 15% off. 😉 bookmark otternonsense otternonsensedesigns bookmarks magnet funnybookmark bookaddict booknerdigans booknerd bookish bookishthings bookishitems book bookaholic

The story personalizes what war does to those who fight it and what they do to survive it. Enduring and caring relationships forged in combat are as much a part of their survival, maybe more, as their combat skills. While the book is fiction, the majority is based on actual battles and personal experiences. Vietnam was a challenging war for those on the battlefield to fight as well as those on the home front to support. bookcover instaread booknow bookphotography bookclub bookmarks bookstagramfeature readingtime booking booklovers bookhoarder bookmaniac books bookshelf bookphoto hardcover bibliophileno  bookaddicton read page bookishthings