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Lost in your mind I wanna know Am I losing my mind? Never let me go If this night is not forever At leased we are together I know I'm not alone 🎶 alanwalkermusic - alone

. ひるなかの流星のBlu-rayゲットしました✨✨ 馬村が好きすぎてずっーーーと楽しみにしてた🙈🙈🙈🙈 平日18時すぎの渋谷、帰宅ラッシュで人多すぎてポスター頑張って取れた〜!! . あのとき一人映画館で大号泣したの思い出すwww やっと馬村くんに、会えます😭😭😭 そして亜嵐くんに会いたい🙈🙈🙈🙈 . ひるなかの流星 ひるなか 永野芽郁 白濱亜嵐 generations 三浦翔平 bluray スペシャルエディション 1018 フラゲ 渋谷 TSUTAYA

Now on to the next one. This one I have to say is my favorite movie in the series of ALL time. For one because we all KNOW who lukes father is hahahaha. But for another. Because yoda is my favorite character in the series. Wise he is, well as calm, gentle he is. All in all yoda is awesome. Short is he. but not in power. Knows the force he does. And FORCE IS one with him. As a mentor to Luke his small stature doesn’t mean he is short in the force. I can relate to him because even tho he is short like ahem. It doesn’t matter. What matters is on the inside. The force as we call it. Life force. It’s all within and anyone is capable of anything. If they set there mind to it! starwars maytheforcebewithyou yoda lukeskywalker darthvader hansolo princessleia lightsaber force bluray HD movie iconic legendary empirestrikesback power light dark yingyang rey kylo thebalance esb xwing jedi sith

Today's pickups Deadspace3 robroy waterloo, I do like my Historical dramas and now I've got a complete deadspace collection on xbox360 😍 gaming games game gamer xbox dvd bluray gamescollection gamescollector videogames videogame xboxone ps4

Loving the sleeve on this collective edition thor collector collection nerd marvel superhero marvelstudios bluray

. RADWIMPS Human Bloom Tour 2017 見る前からワクワクする☄️ . radwimps humanbloomtour2017 bluray a4サイズ 完全生産限定版 フラゲ

Look who drove onto the home screen lol lame jokes aside I'm happy to finally have this movie in my collection. One of my favorites this summer, for the action and soundtrack. I was jamming out the whole time I was watching it in the theater. I would like to have a badass soundtrack for my fictional life of crime. The car scenes had me going too. Had me wanting to drive that in real life if it wasn't for the actual real life cops that would arrest me. It was funny to see how they filmed those scenes as well. Really enjoyed those special features. Oh also it's weird but for some reason I liked the laundry mat screen cause of the colors. I'm a sucker for colorful scenes idk why. Side note I want a person like Deborah, she's loyal as fuck, knew I fell in love when she was down to run from the cops 👌🏾 Kinda wished Jon bernthal had a bigger part in the movie but oh well. And I'm glad Ansel elgort was in this, liked him in this way better than divergent bullshit of a movie. Also Kevin spacey for the win always babydriver bluraycollection anselelgort kevinspacey jonbernthal baby zoomzoom itunes remix bluray fuckdivergent killersoundtrack

FAVORITE ZOMBIE FILMS: Top 6 Films: 1 • Dawn of the Dead(1978) 2 • Night of the Living Dead(1968) 3 • Return of the Living Dead(1985) 4 • Day of the Dead(1985) 5 • Zombieland(2009) 6 • Zombie”Zombi 2”(1979) zombieland dawnofthedead classic fav photo hd cinephile colorfull zombie criterion bluray color movie cinema film colorist director actor writer filmcommunity blackandwhite gore cinematographer dayofthedead georgearomero nightofthelivingdead returnofthelivingdead horrormovies halloween

Ghoulies I & II steelbook edition! Still a few copies left! The two disc set also includes a full colour poster.