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Tonight for my 17th movie in my plugz31daysofhorror i choose a classic theinvisibleman imo it's one of the most under rated films ever alot of the special tricks from this movie are still used today. universalstudios universalmonsters vhs vhshorror vcr feedyourvcr bekindrewind hgwells 1933 horror horrorclassic blackandwhite blockbuster monster creepy vhscollection vhshorror

My to go order at ChompChomp immediately turned into eat in when Top Gun started from the jump on their VCR! For you millennials a VCR is what old people used to watch movies on before DVD's. BeKindRewind

casualaf 😒 whatsup 😁 justbreathing 😌 walkyourownpath🤗 ✌🏽Little cuties got the views 😽🐶 so like I said, bekindrewind 🙈 fuckitup 🤗 love susie laughordie 🔥🤣

I'm digging the stranger things blu-ray season 1 packaging. How manny will see a be kind rewind sticker for the first time lol strangerthings bekindrewind friendsdontlie 11 eggos theupsidedown netflix vhs hifi bluray dvd

📼🚲Stranger Things is available now on Blu-Ray/DVD exclusively at Target. I’m ready for season 2 next week! I love this retro VHS packaging. It looks worn like the old rented VHS tapes. 📼🚲🎃 StrangerThings theupsidedown VHS Retro TargetExclusive bluraycollection bluray 80s Mystery Target Eleven Will Netflix netflixoriginal CollectorsEdition BeKindRewind Classic horror HalloweenVibes eggowaffles CreepyVibes 80sVibes Hawkins Eggos Barb BestCase OldSchoolVibes

Yeah I’d love to come out and have a great time tonight, but I’ve got some important business to catch up on