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When I took this snap, and behind these flowers, sat KeeganMichaelKey, barackobama’s angertranslator ( unforgettable). I never recognize celebs but we caught his ( laugheduntilicried) broadway performance the night before in SteveMartin’s meteorshowerbwy 😂👌🏼 NYC

Ran into this guy in the bathroom last night. He’s pretty cool. luther angertranslator keyandpeele yellowshirtforthewin bathroomselfie keeganmic

When the mailman sees me struggling and then wants to ask me how I’m feeling 🤦🏽‍♀️😒🙄 Donttalktome ihatepeople elsnappychat postsurgerylife ItHurts ScrewsInMyFoot angertranslator

MY ANSWER: *Sam L. Jackson in his angry movie voice! 💘 him LIQ LIFEINQUESTIONBOOK authorsofinstagram author innovator creator angertranslator life Questions think fun lol

Obama's Anger translator Never seen President like him 😂😂😂 obama angertranslator uspresident like4like like4follow likeforlike likeforfollow insta instagram

Here at dj.connection , Mondays are about celebration. BUT, sometimes we air grievances. Today, djbillykinsey needed an angertranslator so ripsiriusblack stepped up. companyculture corevalues davetheday inspire davemeansbusiness

Today, Saturday, and this past Thursday. Huge thanks to my staff for all the hard work before, during and after the rascalflatts concert. Thanks to shooter52a for all the help and being my angertranslator Thanks to the front office of the akronrubberducks for pitching in and getting the details right. Special thanks to davidrm3llor and Matt Duncan from centralfarmandgarden for consultation and knowledge. Thanks to AG Design for coming in and help with post repairs. Thank you air2g2aeration for allowing my turf to breath! A very special thank you to theofficialdukewalsh for being my therapy 🐶 through the event and last but not least thank you to the person who kept me sane and grounded through the entire event chrystiewalsh love you so much x2 😘 fieldexperts akron 330 canalpark akronrubberducks

The ultimate KeyAndPeele character study, presented in nesting doll form, made exclusively for us by bobobabushka {available in store only} DraxxThemSklounst EastWestCollegeBowl MeeganAndAndre AngerTranslator ✌🏽😂 keeganmic jordanpeele

Anger Translator for Comey: "Yo! I ain't neva had to write no shit down before when I was dealing with previous Presidents Bush or Obama! But soon as I stepped in the room with Agent Orange I was likeYoooo, Where is my Bic, Mont Blanc, Crayola, Sharpie or 2 Pencil at This Dude ain't bout Shizzle! I need to cover my ass and my ankles!" comeyhearing jamescomey alternativefacts lies crayola bic number2pencil cya coveryourass angertranslator montblanc sharpie agentorange

I'm a few hours late for TBT, but here's a throwback to almost 5 years ago and my only trip to justforlaughs! So ridiculous seeing all these comics (and more - these were the only shows I could take photos at) in just 6 days.

Following the customary TSA spa experience, I'm happy to report that Pedro the Llama, and I made it through. Yes, his hair incident maybe a result of him trying to act as my anger translator. Thank you, Perdro, for your service. Sombrero on, my friend. angertranslator brownpersonproblems adventuresofpedrothellama