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When life is just short of perfect. impyandme

We have been waiting for sooo longand suddenly it appeared - our first moose in Norway.

We are joining KimmelinBrooklyn this week! We have the pleasure of serving True Myth at the pre and post show events while jimmykimmellive is in NY. Watch the show at 11:35/10:35c on ABC!

We are totally amazed by Lofoten roads.

Be your own cheerleader! Set realistic goals and work diligently to achieve them. If you focus on what you can do today everyday in the ling run you will realize that you've madeit ! believeinyourself alifelessordinary motivation pilotlife flightschool studentpilot flightinstructor lovewhatyoudo durangobluehelicopter

Our Chardonnay harvest is in full swing! There's so much hard work happening on the soils of our estate Paragon Vineyard these days. Thank you to every member of our team for their dedication to this year's harvest and our next vintage! harvest2017

Goooooooood Mooooooorning Friends make the world go round and I’ve got some of the best! friends brotherfromanothermother alifelessordinary blessed haveagreatday

Some places, some people, some times make you happier than other. You may have to take a road less travelled and maybe wait for some time for that right moment to come along, but it will come. The key is patience and the game is called Life, live it as you wish sundaytrip ontour aroadlesstraveled alifelessordinary waitfortherightmoment livelife discovercyprus lovecyprus keepgoing

Nine years ago today I met my future wife in Manchester. I know even now this is the most luck I'll ever have in my lifetime! onelove❤️ manchester rochdale meribel dubai Mauritius city countryside mountains sea whoknowswherenext adventure alifelessordinary learning lovepeacehappinessandhealth theworldisours prince vada sunshine family friends guardianangel

Amazing day with friends yesterday simspaull1207 molly_moo_14 so happy that coco and Floyd got on. floydthehipsterdog beardedgentleman alifelessordinary miniatureschnauzer cockapoo beach friends

OK folks here's the deal - life doesn't come to you, you've GOT to be open to it. You have to know, unequivocally what you do and don't want to do. You don't need to know it ten years before you do it, but you do need to know when your soul is actually speaking to you whether it's about something life changing like leaving your job, moving countries or starting a relationship or something seemingly small like deciding to bask in the sun next to a ridiculously old truck with your guns out because you fricking feel like it. You HAVE to know to listen, when to just go for it, especially for the times when you don't understand why. These past few weeks have been a strange time with lots of open questions, big decisions and re-decisions and frankly awful feelings and the only person that can do anything about all of that is me and so this is a reminder to myself to dig deep, to ask the hard questions and to be willing to listen to my answers gypsysoul listening seek livelikeyoumeanit alifelessordinary soulsearching spiritualgangster

Super fun day with sustainablesur BirdMan! Made it to Wizard Ranch, admired another Big Sur Flock and a totally sustainable lifestyle. Adventures in the Sur life. bigsurlifestyle alifelessordinary wizardranch bigsurchickens bigsurturkeys bigsurflock blessedtohaveamazingfriends sustainability sustainableliving lifeisgood