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New trade stack as well as current want list. Will also buy to complete my list. Show me what you have. vhs vhstapes horrorvhs vhscu vhsforsale vhsfortrade tapehead horror horrormovies feedyourvcr bekindrewind killerworkout slasher 80s vhsandchill vhscollector vhscollection horrorfan

Custom Labyrinth VHS spool swap. Original film spools and label were swapped over to a custom tooled white & blue tape. Now available for $10 on eBay. DM me for link. Labyrinth VHS spoolswap CustomVHS JimHenson DavidBowie vhs4life VHSforsale VHSCOLLECTOR bowie CultFlashback youremindmeofthebabe dancemagicdance✨🔮

📼‼️MINI TAPE PURGE‼️📼 . I started scratching the surface of a much needed quarterly vhspurge. If you see anything you want. Hit me up. Let’s make a deal. I want this shit gone so after shipping, I’ll be pretty liberal with most of this stuff. ACT NOW AS THIS CRAP WILL NOT LAST ANOTHER WEEK IN THIS HOUSE vhs vhsforsale vhsfortrade

Another 3/$10 sale Take a look and pick out your favorites! Want more than 3? I'll make you a good deal. VHS VHSCU VHSForSale TapeTrader BuySellTrade

New custom John Carpenter's The Thing VHS spool swap added for sale. Original film spools and label were swapped over to a custom white and blue tape with blood splatter effect. Buy it now for $20 on eBay. DM me for link. JohnCarpenter TheThing VHS spoolswap CustomVHS Horrormovie Scifi Halloween VHSforsale OutsiderArt smallbusiness CultFlashbackHorror VHS4life VHScollector Horrorjunkie VHSaddiction spoolswapping sciencefiction CultClassic tapeheads Gore BloodSplatter vhsforsale

These are for sale. DM me for prices vhscu vhsforsale