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Found some Amityville stuff I needed today. And Crybaby. The rest were for the trade box. I'll be posting up soon, building some trade stock up. 📼💨💀 vhs vhsforever vhscu vhssbc vhsandchill vhsordie vhsforlife bekindrewind rewind rewindordie feedyourvcr tapeheads analog thrift horror october scary movies childsplay

Some other scores from the weekend - particularly like the eight Freddy's Dead 3D glasses. Love the promos on the back for "House Party 2" and "Suburban Commando". Not pictured: Leatherface shot glass and Blade ("Puppet Master") statue. vhs vhscollector vhsforlife freddykreuger freddysdead thornemi prismvideo

I always make it a point to visit the Hometown Goodwill Almost passed it up today. Gosh I'm glad I didn't. Look at this glorious, bloody pile of horror I got these because I know someone out there will appreciate them more than I would. So if interested in any of em DM me happyhalloween freddykrueger horror horrornights scarymovie videodrome vhscollection vhscollector  vhs  vhsforlife movies moviecollector moviecollection nortonvideo

It's been 23 years since I last seen this movie. It scared the shit out of me and proceeded to give me nightmares. I don't think I even finished watching it back when I was 5 Well it's time to get over it and also scar the mini me. So if anyone has this tape I'm interested. What movie scarred you as a kid? happyhalloween halloween scarred thewitches vhscollection vhscollector  vhs  vhsforlife movies moviecollector moviecollection nortonvideo

Tis the season for candy corn and a good ol cup of Miak. My quest to have a complete Ernest collection grows closer. Shout out to tamponinateacup for sending me this beautiful tape, which btw kudos on the packaging and bubble wrap And the lil extra thrown in. happyhalloween blockbuster jimvarney ernest ernestscaredstupid vhscollection vhscollector  vhs  vhsforlife vcr movies moviecollector moviecollection nortonvideo

My current trade/sale tapes. DM if you're interested in any. The HBO Cannon next to the Beverly Hills Cop is Longshot. For purchases, shipping is $2 for 1- 2 tapes, $4 for 3- 5 tapes vhs vhscollector vhshorror vhstapes horror horrorfan horrormovies classichorror vcr videocassette thriftstorefinds tapeheads vhsforever feedyourvcr vhsmovies thrifting filmfan movielover cultclassic cultmovie vhsforlife moviecollector vhsfortrade vhsforsale

June 17 2017: Dat VHS collection! vhsforlife oldschooltech bekindpleaserewind

Back from vacation and some killer finds in the wild. vhs vhscollector vhsforlife