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One of many inspirational reads from KHAMEL Publishing, to enjoy on your Sunday. Get 'Seeds of Ambition' on in eBook and paperback. About the Book: Alice Nkore's warm, sisterly voice lends the reader sage advice about love, school, the workplace and life in general. More African books: africanbooks. Website: Twitter: khamelbooks

•Such is the life of a Frogkisser• ~ ~ Talking Dogs. Mischievous wizards. An Evil Stepfather. An Amphibian overload. You’re never too old for fairytales✨ ~ ~ I have a membership for the American Library and sometimes if you’re lucky you find gems. A few months back I was there studying for an exam when I kept getting Distracted by this beautiful bookcover so I checked this book out and turned out to be an okay one time read but a total distraction. For tbb_box November 19th bookstagramprompt~ pretty cover, bad storyline. ~ ~ ~ bookstagramfeature bookworms novemberbookride bookphotography bookstagram frogkisser booklover DBL bookish instadaily books bookstagramfeature bookquotes bookphotography

Mustafa ilk vesikaligini cektirdi ve kutuphaneye uye oldu😍 Odunc kitaplarimizi aldik ve deli gibi okuyoruz😂 Ozellikle Is Bankasi Yayinlari Harika Bilim Serisi'nden "Kesfedin Ulasim Araclari" Gecen yil bu kitabi Kocaeli Kitap Fuari'nda tum kitap alis-verisini yaptiktan sonra gormus alamamistik😂 Kutuphanede bu kitabi Mustafa buldu💕💕 Konulari tammm Mustafa'nin ilgi alanina gore ve enn ama enn zevkki yeri ise acilir kapanir pencereleri olmasi💕 mustafaninetkinlikatolyesi piapolya piapolyaanneleri kitaptavsiyesi cocukkitaplari masalkitabı kitapdostu kitapkurdu cocuklaricin kitaponerisi kitapaşkı kitapkardeşliği binbircicekkitaplar okuyananne okuyancocuk okumakayrıcalıktır okuloncesietkinlik okumaköşesi kitapeniyidosttur instabook instabooks bookstagram dvr kutuphane books booklovers bookworms childbooks kidsbooks kidsbookstagram

Czy tylko ja uważam, że "Z popiołów" nie są książką o miłości tylko książką zawierającą wątek miłosny? Recenzja tej książki właśnie pojawiła się na blogu. Link w bio 😊 bookstagram book książka bookworms zpopiołów martynasenator czwartastrona czwartastronafantastyki weneedya

Almost at the end of this book and it is building up to a superb ending Here’s a fun tag for you guys! I was tagged by scarlett_the_book_lover to do the spellyournameinfictionalcharacters tag! Here we go 💖C: Celaena Scardothien. 💖A: Aiden St.Delphi. 💖N: Nina Zenik. 💖D: Dee Moreno. 💖E:Elias Venturius. 💖C:Clary Fray. 💖E: Edward Cullen. Have a happy Saturday everyone!😊

"I will show them what I can do with my life." - Balkissa Chaibou 💪🏽 📸 anna_annabobanna rebelgirls activist

“I will never stop loving you.”

My Heart and Other Black Holes, soon to be a major motion picture! And i am grateful for the opportunity that i witness and heard the wonderful news. 😉 It was said that Paramount has bought the copyrights. P.S. Thank you nbsalert for the book signing and epicreads for the beautiful freebies. This bookmark is just one of the many that i've received last 11.11 Most of all, a big thank you to jassielina for this beautiful message. 😊 sunday book bookstagrammer bookworms bookwormph bookstagramph bookstagramfeature flatlay afternoon instagram igbooks instabook ya youngadultbooks youngadultbooks newyorktimes epicreads nbscutprice nbscutprice2017 authorsofinsta books reader

Once upon a time there were seven unhappy washerwomen. They had far too much washing to do and the owner of the laundry, Mr. Balthazar Tight, was simply dreadful! See what happens when these feisty washerwomen decide to escape from a very large pile of laundry and go on strike "A rollicking good story; Quentin Blake's irresistible illustrations capture every madcap moment." * Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian dbhChildren | Paperback | $9.90

Adventuring on trains, alternating between reading dark and twisted YA and just gazing, amazed, at the beautiful Australian landscapes I'm racing through at breakneck speed. gracelatterreads

Stalin's Ghost . Investigator Arkady Renko, the pariah of the Moscow prosecutor’s office, has been assigned the thankless job of investigating a new phenomenon: late-night subway riders report seeing the ghost of Joseph Stalin on the platform of the Chistye Prudy Metro station. The illusion seems part political hocus-pocus and also part wishful thinking, for among many Russians Stalin is again popular; the bloody dictator can boast a two-to-one approval rating. Decidedly better than that of Renko, whose lover, Eva, has left him for Detective Nikolai Isakov, a charismatic veteran of the civil war in Chechnya, a hero of the far right and, Renko suspects, a killer for hire. The cases entwine, and Renko’s quests become a personal inquiry fueled by jealousy. The investigation leads to the fields of Tver outside of Moscow, where once a million soldiers fought. There, amidst the detritus, Renko must confront the ghost of his own father, a favorite general of Stalin’s. In these barren fields, patriots and shady entrepreneurs—the Red Diggers and Black Diggers—collect the bones, weapons and personal effects of slain World War II soldiers, and find that even among the dead there are surprises. Stalin’s Ghost is replete with Martin Cruz Smith’s trademark wit, dark humor and action. In this tale of Arkady Renko, Smith has again fashioned an unforgettable character as cynical as Philip Marlowe, but with the heart of a Chekhovian Everyman. The reader is treated to an unparalleled thriller woven with a depth of humanity found in the finest literature. Hardcover | $8.00 brunei_daily instabrunei instabrunei bruneionlineshopping bruneikupromote brunika bruneifm bruneionlineshops igbrunei bruneidarussalam iklanbisnesbrunei miricommunity books booklovers bookworms bookstagram bruneibookshop bookstore bookshop citissquare