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"That Poor Girl and How He Killed Her" by Jen Silverman Oct 26-Nov 5. Tix at tastehaszerocalories thatpoorgirlcrt comedy uconnnation uconn theatre bfa acting studiotheatre october blackcomedy toosoon youreoutrageous

The Big Lebowski. 1998 Dir: Joel and Ethan Coen "Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi & John Goodman"

This is funny expression. A president said the text, but image is said by streetmerchant. I captured it in “prison break”. Text means “power of state spreads like cancer.” . 72x90cm, oiloncanvas, 2007 textart overlap blackcomedy showyourart contemporaryart prisonbreak 프리즌브레이크 석호필 irony power oilpainting powerofstate drama 국가권력 artwork art drawing 정치인 미드 roughdrawing

One of the funniest films I’ve seen in ages. Had me laughing from start to finish 😂 If you like your black comedy’s I would definitely recommend checking this out 👍🏼 doubledate comedy comedyfilm blackcomedy horror horrorfilm film cinema movie instafilm cinephile cineworld filmgeek filmfan moviegeek geek