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New trade stack as well as current want list. Will also buy to complete my list. Show me what you have. vhs vhstapes horrorvhs vhscu vhsforsale vhsfortrade tapehead horror horrormovies feedyourvcr bekindrewind killerworkout slasher 80s vhsandchill vhscollector vhscollection horrorfan

"What's that? Is that the Blair Witch? No, it's Heather, taking a piss." 💀I was busy yesterday so here's a double whammy for day 15 and 16 of spooky posting.🎃 vhs_voyage theblairwitchproject horrormovies vhscollection foundfootage bekindrewind halloween october vcr vhs witch ghouls horror

When I was a kid, TMNT was life. Lots of good memories in this cartoon. vhs vhscollection vhscu feedyourvcr instavhs vhscollector bekindrewind tmnt teenagemutantninjaturtles

Did you see my sneakpeek yesterday? I can't believe this unicorn (means rare and highly popular) lularoecassie pencilskirt is still available! tapes or VHS ? bekindrewind LuLaRoeintheCity

This evening's featured films Final Destination (2000) and The Favor (1994) I always need a buffer movie after watching a scary one 😂 vhs vhsandchill slasher thriller romcom vhsgrrrl bekindrewind movies

If he comes thru with this, homeboy’s gonna like get it. Follow gnarlesgnarwin bekindrewind vhs oldskool whomupcrew bruh memesdaily memelord lmoa mondaymotivation mcm

we don’t use this part of the house, it really isn’t safe. vhs vhstapes 80s witchcraft horror cheesy bmovies occult satanic vistastreet vhscollector bekindrewind

Double feature tonight 📼📼

Just finished ‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ by Grady Hendrix. It’s a rather enjoyable book. Very fun with lots of 80’s references throughout. While this is a big, supernatural story, at its heart it is a beautiful story of friendship MyBestFriendsExorcism GradyHendrix Horror Bookstagram Bookgasm Bookalicious Book Books WhatImReading CurrentlyReading HorrorBooks VHS BeKindRewind Geek Geeky GayGeek Gaymer Nerd 80sHorror 1980s Retro TheExorcist GoodReads BookCovers BookGeek Halloween OldHallowsEve Me Selfie BookReview

Thanks Mr. tapestackman 😉 for hooking me up with some good ones that I've been needing AND throwing in those awesome extras which I just happen to love 😆👍👊📼📼📼 vhs vhscollector vhsishappiness vhsisnotdead vhslife moviesilove vhsforever vhshoarder theboywhocouldfly macandme thedarkcrystal halloween1978 johncarpentershalloween thething movies feedyourvcr bekindrewind purplerain hellraiserinferno thornemihbovideo