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Formato e-book, Livro de Poesias, Segredos de Caracol Nas lojas Kindle, em pré-venda. site: amazon, em 12 países. Edição em português. Entrega a partir de 01 Dezembro 2017

I just went to Amazon Books, it was a very odd experience, but I liked being able to pay via the app. theyareturningusintoaprimeuniverse amazonbooks futuristic

As far as I know, this book of mine isn’t a Best-Selling ’s Picture Bookyet. DaddyWhatifI Version2 since getting republished and the price reduction, I have seen sales go through the roof👍 I spoke with a musician today at my event in Bakersfielda pianist; and she immediately picked up my book, had me sign it, and then she purchased it😀👍 She loved it and loved the fact that I was behind the table selling and promoting my work (books). 🙂 Artist to artist; fellow creative soul to another, I told her that I STILL believe that this book is MY Best-Selling ’s Book🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍 That was and is my vision for this book🙂 FutureBestSeller DaddyWhatifI Version2 AmazonBooks BarnesandNobleBooks BarnesandNobleExplorer MarketingGuru Bakersfield ChildrensAuthor ChildrensPictureBooks TravelingAuthor BestSellerHopefully

Today’s book signing event in Bakersfield: It was a very slow start; I was almost convinced that I wasn’t going to sell anything at all today😳🤭 First hour and a half, nadabut the last hour and a half, I sold quite a bit so it was a huge close out to the end of the event😀👏👏👏 Thank you to bn_bakersfield for having me againI enjoyed myself and I shared quite a bit of life experiences with everyone in passingand I felt connected today and in sync for my second half of this event😃 It was funand I left signed copies of my book’s there too in Bakersfield📚📚📚✍️ ClosetMonster DaddyWhatifI Version2 My office👊 TrevorMurray Author MyHappyPlace AuthorsofInstagram BooksofInstagram BookTour BarnesandNobleBooks AmazonBooks BarnesandNobleExplorer MarketingGuru TravelingAuthor ChildrensPictureBooks ChildrensAuthor Bakersfield SelfPublished Signing Writer

Super weird to be in an amazonbooks store if your name is Alexa Kept turning to look every time someone said my name. walnutcreek amazon

Do my eyes deceive me?? 😱😱📚👨🏻‍💻 amazon amazonbooks bookstore vsco vscocam santanarow

So way back when, Jeff Bezos be like, "We're going to offer people ways to buy books online and offer them the ability to purchase digital versions too, not charge them sales tax while bankrupting brick and mortar stores." 2017, Jeff: "I want profits from all books to go through me". amazon amazonbooks brickandmortar youcanneverbetoorich jeffbezos

Thank you, ojaidigital, for the incredible design of my book! I highly recommend other authors to contact them for publishing and design needs. 📖 Get your copy of Chamuco now on Amazon. Link in bio!

Don't forget Christmas is coming sooner than you think! I know many of you have Christmaslists for your , Grandchildren or Nieces and Nephews. Whoever you are buying for this Christmas make sure to give them the gift of books imagination and love. Please check out my book Christmas Collection for , and make it part of your family. barnesandnoble amazonbooks books book amazon amazonbook kindle amazonkindlebook ebook bookstagram 30a 30aprime poetry poems poemas childrenspoetry

We should always build our little girls up. Let us start by building their self-esteem❤ BeautifulBailey