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Cameron Diaz: I’d love to learn one Bollywood dance
Oct 06, 2009

Cameron Diaz may be a Hollywood star for her numerous fans the world over, but underneath her glam avatar is a girl who like everyone else,

holds her family closer to heart than anything else.

In an exclusive with BT, the actress — who ditched her sexy image to play a mum in My Sister’s Keeper — talks about things that matter the most and what draws her to Bollywood

Your role in My Sister’s Keeper… you played a mom of teenagers… ditching your sexy image?
I play Sara Fitzgerald, a mum of three, of which the elder daughter Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) is battling with cancer and for her survival, she totally depends on her youngest sister Anna (Abigail Breslin). It didn’t faze me. I didn’t think about it in terms of what it meant to my career or my image. I only thought of what it meant to the story.

What was it like to play a mother… not being a mother yourself?
That’s all we can do as actors — do the best that we can. I’m not a parent, but I know what it is to love very deeply, something that I wouldn’t want to have taken away from me. I don’t know what it’s like to have a child who’s dying. All I know is that every parent that I’ve spoken to says the same thing: You do whatever it takes to save your child, period. You jump off a cliff. You step in front of a train. So that made it so much easier for me.

What are you grateful for in life and what makes you happy?
I think the most important thing that I’ve found in my life is my family and friends. That’s your wealth in life. They are the people that you get to love and who love you back. Some come and some leave quickly and some stay for a really long time. And all of those experiences are the wealth of your soul. And those are the things that I’m most grateful for.

How do you maintain that sexy figure?
I just try to take care of myself as best I can with what my schedule allows. It’s not about what I want my body to look like necessarily, it’s more about being strong and staying healthy and staying vital and capable with my energy. And a lot of that is cardio. Cardio is very important because your heart is your most valuable muscle and then also questioning where your food and water and air comes from.

You have a huge fan following here in India. Any message for them?
Thank you for that, it’s really over-whelming. I would just like to say thanks for your support India and hope you continue to enjoy my films.

There’s a diminishing gap between Bollywood and Hollywood…
Yes of course Bollywood is a huge thing in Hollywood these days (laughs).

Would you consider an offer in Bollywood?
One of the things I love about Bollywood movies is the dancing and I would love the opportunity to learn one Bollywood dance for sure It will be amazing.

How about a visit to India?
Yeah… I would love to plan a trip to India. Go see the Taj and all the beautiful palaces in Jaipur.

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Cameron’s Interview at Comic – Con
Jul 27, 2009

Here’s a video of an interview with Cameron and James Marsden at Comic Con 2009.  Enjoy~

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Cameron in V Magazine
Jul 05, 2009

Cameron is on the cover of V magazine’s July/August issue – looking hot! The photoshoot was inspired by Madonna’s iconic True Blue period, the issue will hit stands on July 7, meanwhile check out the cover and some fab outtakes from the shoot!


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For Diaz, making films is all about rhythm
Jun 27, 2009

Since her first film role in 1994’s “The Mask” opposite Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz has been become one of Hollywood’s most successful leading ladies, entertaining audiences in such quirky comedies as 1997’s “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and 1998’s “There’s Something About Mary” and earning street cred in such dramas as 2001’s “Vanilla Sky” and 2002’s “Gangs of New York.” In 2003, she struck salary gold, becoming the third Hollywood actress after Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon to receive a $20 million paycheck – for “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.”

Her latest film, the drama “My Sister’s Keeper,” teams her with Jason Patric, Abigail Breslin and Alec Baldwin in a different kind of role, portraying a mom who goes to extreme measures to keep her leukemia-stricken daughter alive. Diaz may soon be reunited with Tom Cruise, her “Vanilla Sky” co-star, in James Mangold’s action film “The Wichita Project”; and she’s attached to the Zach Braff-directed comedy “Swingles,” currently in development. Just before receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the native San Diegan spoke with the Hollywood Reporter.

Q. You’re known for broad comedies. What brought you to “My Sister’s Keeper”?

A. It was a story that just touched me. I liked that (my character) Sara wasn’t obvious. I didn’t know exactly where she was coming from at first but then I realized that it was pretty simple to understand: She’s just a woman who’s trying to keep her child alive. We can all relate to that in some way – how far we would go for the ones we love.

Q. Do you see yourself transitioning into more roles like this?

A. I’ve done a number of dramatic films over the years, such as “Gangs of New York” and “Vanilla Sky,” and a slew of smaller films nobody would have seen but that weren’t just comedies. For me, it’s all about rhythm. It’s not something I plan, it’s just questioning “What am I feeling?” Recently, I was feeling that I would love to do something fun and big. I haven’t done an action film in a long time and “The Wichita Project” fits the bill.

Q. How about a musical?

A. I would love to do a musical. I don’t sing very well – honestly I’ve never worked on it – but I believe that if you work on anything hard enough, you can get to at least someplace where you can fudge it a little bit!

Q. Do you dance?

A. I do. I love dancing. I’ve never been trained, but choreography is something that comes pretty easily for me. I love musicals. When I was a child, I loved watching films where people were dancing. I loved Fred Astaire.


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Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
Jun 23, 2009

Part One

Part Two

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LA Times Interview
Jun 22, 2009

Real men do shed tears.

That’s the conclusion one gets from sitting down with Nick Cassavetes, the 6-foot-6-inch, square-jawed, mustachioed, multi-tattooed film director who was so wild and belligerent as a kid that his mother — actress Gena Rowlands — gave him a suitcase for his 16th birthday so he could pack up and move out. Now, a couple of lifetimes later, he’s made the film “My Sister’s Keeper,” a movie that requires even more Kleenex than his last hit tear-jerker, 2004’s “The Notebook.”

“As a society, we are trained not to feel things. We respect things that are scientific and cerebral and smart, and this ain’t one,” Cassavetes says over water and tea at the Chateau Marmont. His friend, the film’s star, Cameron Diaz, sits across from him, all long legs and scarves and jeans and jewelry.


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The Independent Interview
Jun 14, 2009

Pressed into promotional duties for her latest film, My Sister’s Keeper – in which she plays a wife and mother of three kids, including a terminally ill child – Cameron Diaz can see the inevitable questions a mile off.

As yet unwed, and childless, the 36-year-old actress smiles, turns those bright cornflower-blue eyes up to full wattage, and prepares for battle. “I think it’s only normal for people to ask my views on motherhood, especially of someone my age, because it seems like the obvious thing, like ‘Why haven’t you done it yet?’ But it doesn’t bother me. It’s not the cross I bear. I simply have no idea at this stage in my life. Besides, I’m still young,” she says.


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Funny Girl Cameron Diaz Gets Serious
May 29, 2009

I’ve added the outtakes from Parade from an interview with Cameron.

‘My father died almost exactly a year ago,” Cameron Diaz says. “It’s still such a huge thing in my life. There’s no way that I could ever say enough about him. I could never explain how amazing he was. A life that big, somebody that incredible, doesn’t leave. He’s still part of our family. We talk about him all the time.”

Diaz was in the midst of filming the heartbreaking My Sister’s Keeper, playing a mother fighting to save the life of her terminally ill daughter, when she faced a tragedy of her own. Her 58-year-old father, Emilio, died suddenly of complications from pneumonia. Production came to a halt as Diaz headed home to be with her family before returning to complete the film, which opens June 26.

Playing a parent facing the end of her child’s life would be a challenge for any actress, but I asked Diaz how the loss of her father influenced her performance.

“I was in shock,” she says. “Whether or not I got to take that experience and apply it to my work is something that I can’t answer.”

She is extremely close to her mother, Billie, and her sister, Chimine. She credits her family with her work ethic, her backbone, and her admittedly weird sense of humor. But her father was at the center of Diaz’s world.

A few years ago, we laughed together about how she had been brought up as a “daddy’s boy.”

“He was a huge football fan,” she says with a smile. “Dad didn’t have a son, so my sister and I sort of absorbed his love of sports. We’d watch a game, and he’d be screaming at the top of his lungs. Dad was so funny and such a boy. It was great to have that influence in my life.”

Read the rest of the interview at Parade!

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