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For Diaz, making films is all about rhythm 0

For Diaz, making films is all about rhythm

Since her first film role in 1994′s “The Mask” opposite Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz has been become one of Hollywood’s most successful leading ladies, entertaining audiences in such quirky comedies as 1997′s “My Best...

LA Times Interview 0

LA Times Interview

Real men do shed tears. That’s the conclusion one gets from sitting down with Nick Cassavetes, the 6-foot-6-inch, square-jawed, mustachioed, multi-tattooed film director who was so wild and belligerent as a kid that his...

The Independent Interview 0

The Independent Interview

Pressed into promotional duties for her latest film, My Sister’s Keeper – in which she plays a wife and mother of three kids, including a terminally ill child – Cameron Diaz can see the...